Admissions Essay for Christian University (Free Example)

This is a sample College Admissions Essay for a student trying to be accepted to a Christian University.

I’ve always referred to my relationship with God as being like “having a third parent.” My Christian friends generally nod in agreement, whenever they’ve heard me say this. Non-Christian friends generally look at me quizzically when they hear this, as if they don’t quite understand what I mean. And it is this difference, this distinction that essentially summarizes why I want to go to a Christian university.

My relationship with God is not something that I take lightly. It is an active and daily connection that I nurture and I regularly ask God for advice and for guidance and while I don’t hear a voice echoing down from the sky, I do get signs or flashes of insight that help guide me on the appropriate path and help me to know that I’m making the right decision. I want to be in an environment that fosters and nurtures this spirit, and that helps me connect to God in a way that is even more unshakeable.

[Name of University] has a very strong academic reputation—which is wonderful and crucial, as in order to serve the world I need to be able to harness my strongest and most educated self. I believe that this university will help to educate me, foster my talents, help me to develop my intellect and understanding and challenge me in ways that I haven’t yet experienced. This will empower me to develop to my full potential, so that I might fulfill my dreams and my goals, and become a more productive member of society. Accomplishing all these things and developing as a critical thinker is very important to me, and I know that this university can help me to become intellectually sharper, with a wider perspective on all the many nuances of society, history, art and literature.

At this same time, it’s deeply important to me to become the best version of myself on a social, emotional, and spiritual level. I think those components are just as important to becoming a successful individual and are equal to all intellectual pursuits. Christian values, quite frankly, help one become a better person. I want to become better and to be an instrument of peace for others. The best way for me to do that is to be surrounded by people who are also working to do such things and actively want to become better—to become more loving, kinder, more thoughtful and more forgiving people. Living a Christian life is more rewarding, but it isn’t always easy. Life can throw a host of hurdles, unexpected sorrows and challenges at one. Having a strong Christian infrastructure in one’s life can give one a greater sense of resiliency and allow one to flow with the mighty current of life in a more adept and less resisting manner. A Christian university will also help me build a network of friends who also share the same values as me so that  we might support one another.

I look forward to having an even deeper relationship with God and with all the pillars of Christianity. I see it as my duty to help serve humanity and connect with the less fortunate. I think the best way to do this by laying a kind and loving foundation for my own future is via enrollment in a Christian university such as this one. I am ready to walk down the path of spiritual development in an environment that will help me evolve into a more spiritual being who is more in service to humanity and deeply connected to God.

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