Admissions Essay Masters Business Administration MBA (Free Example)

This is a sample admissions essay for a student trying to be admitted to an MBA program at a college of their choice.

I knew what I wanted to be from the time I was six, and it never changed—not for the next 18 years. I was going to be a fashion designer. I spent the years of my youth taking art classes, going to the Fashion Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, looking at fashion magazines, red carpet events, and sketching, sketching, sketching. I learned how to sew both by hand and by machine, and studied the structure of fine gowns and casual apparel. I wanted to learn the infrastructure and minutia of the fashion industry, and I felt like I had mastered so much of it by age 15. At age 16, I was working for a designer as an assistant. I was in heaven. By the time I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I knew I was well on my way. I decided to apprentice at Yves Saint Laurent directly after graduation before starting my own line. I figured that the insider knowledge of how this high fashion house worked would be priceless and besides, I could stay there a few years and still have plenty of time to launch my own line. My time at Yves Saint Laurent showed me how cutthroat and competitive the fashion world is, even for an established designer. I saw that so many of the designs were driven by the numbers, and not so much by creativity or a desire to debut innovative designs. A part of me was stunned, and yet, a part of me was intrigued. I saw how much marketing and promotion impacted the sales of these gorgeous gowns and other couture items, and I wondered if this was something I could master.

This realization redirected the course of my career. I was of course going to stay in fashion as that was the only industry I had ever known, but I have decided to redirect my creativity towards marketing fashion, something that is less nebulous that design. As a fashion marketer, I am able to rely on hard sales and consumer data and use that to motivate my creative marketing choices. Marketing is so refreshing because it gives me the best of both worlds: I use the concrete intelligence from sales data as a way of guiding my own imagination and finding ways to reach desired consumers in a meaningful way. Ultimately, I’d like to open up my own marketing firm that specializes exclusively with high fashion houses and up-and-coming designers. An MBA will give me the tools and education that I need in order to ensure that is a success. An MBA will be able to shed light on the nuances of such a goal, and help me to take the first steps in a way that ensures it is sustainable. It gives me great satisfaction to know that from this point on in my career, I won’t be just another designer battling it out to get their designs looked at and noticed. Rather, my path is one of greater empowerment: I get to be the person that helps established houses stay relevant and nurture their client base, and I help total unknown designers build their careers so that they don’t fall by the wayside and into obscurity. And finally, I see my path as one of service: fashion is essentially about looking good and feeling good as a wearable art form: I help to bring that to the public, making it more accessible to all.

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