Application Letter to Study Abroad in France Medical Residency (Example)

This is an application letter for a student trying to study abroad in France and requesting a Medical Residency.

To the French Ambassador,

Greetings, I am writing this letter to submit my application for a medical residency program in Paris, France. More specifically, this letter is for your consideration for my participation in an ophthalmology program within this residency. I’ve dedicated the last twelve years of my life to studying medicine and the last eight to studying the foundations and nuances of ophthalmology.

Our eyes are a tremendous part of how we experience our world: they tell us about our environment, they show us beauty and danger, they help us become acquainted with our own reflections in the mirror as we age over the passage of times. Our eyes are what we use to gaze upon our loved ones and to wordless express our care and understanding. More pragmatically, our eyes help us to navigate our surroundings and our place in this world.

I’ve spent over a decade understanding the details and challenges within eye and vision care. At this time I’m focusing on medicine and surgery of the human eye and I am working on my competencies in being able to treat and diagnose all eye diseases, while being able to do practical tasks such as fitting people for eye-glasses and contact lenses. I donate at least ten hours per week of my free time to engaging in rigorous scientific research on the origins and cures for many illnesses and diseases of eye and brain. I not only have a strict dedication to my field, but to the entire science and medical community as a whole. My work ethic is unrivaled: I wake up each morning before dawn and I  begin my work and my research at the lab, leaving well after dark. I honor my relationships with my colleagues and I feel a grave responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to the field. I know that as a resident in Paris, France, I will be an asset to the science community there.

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