Personal Statement in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Example)

This is a personal statement for a student trying to be admitted to a Pharmaceutical Sciences program.

My grandfather raised me for most of my childhood, and I couldn’t have wished for a better parent. He taught me about history, self-reliance, courage and integrity. He was a man of enormous character who led primarily by example. However, as I got to be about college-aged, his aging process seemed to expedite. He had an array of symptoms, some which were specific to mania, others to depression, and still others to Alzheimer’s. It took several tries for his doctor to get his medication just right. The wrong dosage or combination of medications would mean he’d be comatose, too sleepy to function. Other dosages would sometimes make him truculent at times. When his doctor finally zeroed in on the right combination of medications at the right amounts, it was startling how functional these quantities made him. It meant I got my grandfather back. This experience opened my eyes to the sheer power of the pharmaceutical sciences and how I had to better understand this field. I had always enjoyed biology and chemistry. The chemistry set my parents got me when I was a child was something I used in order to gain stimulating hands-on experience about the concepts I had learned in school. However, the experience I went through with my grandfather, really opened my eyes to the delicate nuances inherent within the pharmaceutical sciences and how those tiny details can mean the difference between a human being functioning or not functioning.

Aside from causing me to develop enhanced appreciation for the minutia inherent within the pharmaceutical sciences, this experience with my grandfather also provoked me to undertake more research within the field, and learn more about the skills I’ll have to fine-tune in order to build mastery. I have reached out to other scientists and professionals in the field, and made it a point to assist with independent research so that I start honing my skills immediately. I believe that I would bring the skills of discipline, curiosity and strong personal motivation to this field. Moreover, I have a very personal experience with the pharmaceutical sciences that opened up my eyes to the power and humanity of this field, something I intend to use throughout my career.

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