Statement of Purpose for Masters of Science Degree (Example)

Below is a sample statement of purpose for a Masters degree in Science.

I’m blessed to work in a job that I love: I currently work over 60 hours per week as a cell culture technician for a major corporation. The work is stimulating and demanding and my deadlines are non-negotiable. I have to harness skills that I acquired as a biology student, such as my flexibility and organizational skills, as well as build new skills that have helped me learn how to culture, plate, distribute and maintain the banking of cell culture lines. I’ve learned to work with almost no supervision, and understand how my work is the foundation for all cell and tissue culture endeavors. The rigorous environment that I work in has meant that I’ve had to build my knowledge and expertise in mammalian cell culture, cell culture methods, sterile media preparation techniques and proper cleanliness practices. This stimulating work has yet again reminded me that cells are the building blocks of life, and biology is in many ways the building block upon which all the sciences rest.

My time in the professional field has shown me that I have so much more to learn, and that honing my expertise within the biological sciences will allow me to reach a higher level of mastery with the diverse and living world around me. My time working in cell cultures has given me a snapshot of how much more I can do with my knowledge of the biological sciences when it comes to a career and a professional path. I would like to test the waters of the Indian Ocean as well as engage in a desert restoration project. I would life to delve deeper into the patterns of holistic healing as they present themselves in the flora and fauna of the Amazon rain forest and look at the communication patterns between different varieties of coral in the deepest parts of the ocean. Doing a masters of biology at Yale is my first choice because I know that the quality of education that I will receive will not only be top notch, but the entire learning environment will be at its highest level of excellence. I will be working and studying with a group of peers who are all committed to their highest personal competency and this will force me to evolve into a scientist who operates at an elite level of brilliance and who is ready to explore and give back to the world.

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