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essay examples

Students learn in a bunch of different ways; in fact, what is helpful for one student may be detrimental to another student.  Unfortunately, our modern educational system is structured in such a way that it only supports one or two major learning styles.  This approach means that writing is taught in a very rote manner; with students being told rules to follow, but not necessarily given additional information for how to follow them.  Furthermore, K-12 education focuses so intensely on expository writing that many students enter colleges and universities without having ever been asked to complete any other type of writing assignment, and, sometimes without ever having been exposed to any type of non-expository academic writing.   The result is an entire generation of students with very little experience or exposure with the different types of academic writing necessary for higher-level academic success.  While some colleges and universities have wonderful writing departments that are willing to work with students to achieve competency in these writing areas, others are frustrated by the lack of preparation and blame the students.

For students who learn by example, our free essays examples are a fantastic way to bridge that knowledge gap.  We have thousands of essays across hundreds of topic areas.  By reading these essays, our customers can familiarize themselves with upper-level writing conventions and see how to properly apply them in an academic context.  Rather than expecting students to extrapolate from the expository process to the more nuanced works required in college, our examples show students exactly what they need to do to complete a particular type of assignment.  You can use these documents to brainstorm topics and titles, help you with the introduction or body, get ideas for an essay hook, or even find quality resources.  We think that free essay examples are an invaluable resource for students and invite you to see how they can help improve your writing.


Pokemon Go Essay

Watch Pokemon GO! – An Overview of the Hottest New Augmented Reality Game   Mixed between the alarming headlines of terrorist acts on the global stage and those concerning the strangest U.S. presidential election in history are increasing reports of people of all ages and walks of life engaging in one of the hottest new games to hit the market in recent years, Pokemon GO. Indeed, even the mainstream media appears to be caught up in the craze, and curious consumers are joining the Pokemon GO throngs in pursuit of elusive but valuable wild Pokemon characters they can “catch” with Continue Reading...

Police Brutality Essay

  Topics Police Brutality and Race Police Violence and African Americans When Does the Use of Force Become Police Brutality? Police Brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement Police Brutality and the Blue Lives Matter Movement Titles The Use of Violence: Is there a Limit to the Amount of Force Police Officers Should Use on a Suspect? Why “Just Comply” Is Not the Answer to Police Brutality Are Minorities the Victims of Higher Rates of Police Violence? Police Brutality: Is there a War on Cops or a War by Cops? Outline I.  Introduction – Definition II.  Body A.  Definition B. Continue Reading...

2016 Presidential Election Essay

Abstract In what is shaping up to be the strangest election in United States history, the contest between the Democratic nominee, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Republican nominee, billionaire real estate developer Donald J. Trump is being closely monitored by U.S. voters and an increasingly concerned international community. The Democratic nominee has most recently been charged with several abuses of classified information during her tenure as secretary of state, perjury before the U.S. Congress and illicit dealings with foreign interests buying favors from the State Department through donations to the Clinton Foundation. Conversely, the Republic Continue Reading...