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President Trump

Trump had a busy first day as President, with inaugural parties, oath of office and "big league" activities he planned under his first day's agenda, which would set his Presidency's tone. New presidents usually establish high goals for day 1, often with mixed outcomes ensuing (Shaw, 2017). Obama pledged, at his Presidency's commencement, to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility down. However, it still survives, although its internees have diminished greatly in number. Similarly, Trump's promises may differ from his end accomplishments.

Amy Walter believes there was a consistent element in Trump's first day; his inaugural address corresponded to his message conveyed throughout his presidential campaign and convention. In her opinion, this is the reason behind his nomination, which no soul believed he could possibly achieve, and his presidential victory. Thus, Trump is bringing this very message to the presidential table (How did President Trump fare in his first day on the job? | PBS NewsHour), believing that his success will cause others to support him. He doesn't intend to reach out to citizens and take their opinions; rather, he intends to succeed in making the nation reach new heights such that those currently against his plans will eventually agree with him and cooperate.

I am wholly in agreement with Walter's statement. Pledging to achieve his goal, Trump assumed office by setting out an agenda that is starkly divergent from that laid down by Obama.
He appointed important national security members and embarked on his mission to implement the daring, typically rash, promises he made during his campaign (Berger, 2017). On the evening of the first day, he signed an EO (executive order) that instructed agencies to alleviate ACA's burdens. Reince Priebus, the White House Staff Chief, instructed agencies as well, to enforce a regulatory freeze instantly. Trump, at the inaugural address, stated that it was now time to take action and not stick to empty words. As is typical of him, he fiercely condemned business at the White House up to now. His team claimed unneeded, detrimental policies were damaging the economy. His website stated that lifting current curbs would prove highly beneficial to America's workers; their salaries would grow by over thirty billion dollars in the course of the subsequent seven years. It also posted further strategies on foreign policy, the armed forces, and the US economy. His job plan aims at growth-friendly tax reforms, including reduced corporate taxes. Hence, overall, his first day at office showed the 45th President getting to work immediately.

Illegal immigration was the main theme of Trump's campaign and, unsurprisingly, several initial promises he made after….....

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