How do I write a summary after reading an article?

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Writing a good summary will likely require several readings of the article in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of its main points (you might want to make a few notes concerning the main points during the review process). Once you’ve finished this step, you can start the actual writing process in the present tense and third person. In many cases, an article is organized into sections such as an introduction, purpose, methodology and so forth and each of these sections should be summarized individually. Be sure to mention the author or authors’ names, the title and date of the article and the publication in your introduction, and avoid including any of your own personal opinions. Finally, only use quotations sparingly, if at all (be certain to cite the correct page number), and double-check your review notes to ensure you included of all of main points.  There are some other useful summarizing tips available here and elsewhere to help you learn how to summarize an article efficiently and thoroughly.

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