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Buying your custom-written college essay online can be an intimidating experience. You place an order, unsure of whether the website you are using really does employ native English speakers, whether they secretly recycle essays and use them for multiple customers, whether the writing will be custom written for your order, and whether the writer will follow your instructions. You may also worry about whether your order will be delivered on-time. If can be very a very-nerve wracking experience.

At, we want to take the anxiety out of your custom-essay purchasing experience. Our writers are Native English speakers, based in the United States, and familiar with both American English and British English. We understand deadlines and can turn out even lengthy essays in short periods of time. If you have questions about whether we can meet a rush deadline, one of our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to answer that question before you place an order. Our writers are also subject-area experts, who have either completed advanced degrees or are pursuing advanced degrees, so that you can expect expertise in your order. Our writers properly document the sources used in your custom-written paper, and choose only reliable sources, so that you can easily cite them in your own writing. Our plagiarism-free custom essay guarantee not only means that our writers carefully cite any sources they use, but also that they do not plagiarize from other essays available on the internet or reuse materials that they have provided for other customers. We also provide a message board, so that you have a way of keeping in contact with the writer working on your project, from start to finish, so it can be as collaborative as you would like. Finally, if you are not satisfied that your essay meets your original order specifications, our writers will rewrite and revise until you are satisfied.

What is an essay?

The term “essay” covers any short piece of writing on a particular topic. Because the term is so broad, instructor or professor expectations for an essay can vary from assignment to assignment. However, most essays fall into one of several broader categories. The most popular essay format is the five-paragraph essay, which has an opening paragraph that outlines the content of the essay, three body paragraphs, and then a closing paragraph that reiterates the main points of the essay. The five paragraph format is very popular and the same format can be applied to essays that are smaller or larger.

The purpose of an essay may be the most critical part of your assignment. Generally, there are four types of essays: narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive. In a narrative essay, the writer is telling a story about an experience, generally a non-fiction experience. In a persuasive essay, the writer is trying to convince the reader to embrace a particular point-of-view. In a descriptive essay, the writer is using words to create a mental image of a particular scenario. Finally, in an expository essay, the writer is presenting facts in a neutral manner.

Essays can also be written in a variety of academic styles. APA and MLA are the most commonly used academic styles for liberal arts essays, but you may also have been asked to complete your work in Chicago, Turabian, Blue Book, or any other number of specific styles. While the style of the essay does not impact the content, style is very important when looking at citations and format; an essay that is properly formatted and cited in one style could be completely incorrect for another style. This is especially critical when looking at proper citation for quotations. At Student Network Resources, our writers are familiar with all of the major academic writing styles and are also willing to work with specific instructions if your requirements do not match any of the existing academic styles.

Plagiarism-free Guarantee

Our guarantee means that you can be confident that any non-cited writing in your essay has been custom-written for your order and is not taken from any published sources or any essays written for other customers. The documents we provide contain zero plagiarism as any outside information will be cited according to your designated style and will come from reputable resources including, but not limited to: academic journals, periodicals, and academic or government websites. You can find these resources using a variety of search engines, including: JSTOR, EBSCO, Lexis Nexis, and Google Scholar. Because our essays are intended as example essays, you may find yourself needing to look at the original source of cited material. Some academic styles require reference to page numbers, while others do not. Therefore, if you want to be able to easily find any cited material, you can ask your writer to include page numbers with references, even if they are not part of your selected academic style.

We Guarantee Our Customers The Following:

– Native English speaking writers
– Confidentiality
– Custom-written to your specifications
– Exemplary customer-service
– On-time orders

Free With Your Order:

– Title Page
– Bibliography/ Works Cited page
– Revisions Until Satisfaction

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