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dissertation writing services

Dissertation writing services can help illuminate the often nebulous and seemingly insurmountable task of writing one’s dissertation. A dissertation is essentially an enormous essay or research paper, sometimes the size of a small novel. It represents everything one has to show for the years dedicated to one’s doctoral study.

When one reflects back on one’s graduate study, there are a host of required courses along with elective classes that have shaped one’s academic path. This dissertation demonstrates what one has done with all of that study, knowledge and insight. This paper shows the very specific, and sometimes exceedingly esoteric, direction one has applied all of this wisdom.

The dissertation should be viewed as so much more than just a requirement laden with drudgery. Instead, a dissertation should be viewed as an opportunity to carve out the brightest career path as humanly possible, while still nestled in the safety of graduate school. Given how long a dissertation has to be, it offers an opportunity for the doctoral student to expand on current research and present new findings and a fresh perspective with rock solid research behind it. A novel, inventive, and innovative dissertation could represent the difference between finding a job after graduation or not.

However, most dissertations are almost unreadable. Many graduate students feel pressured to demonstrate academic jargon and a complexity of thought. This means they write long stretches of text that could put even the most seasoned academic to sleep.

A great dissertation needs to find a balance between “going deep” into the research, showing a new perspective, demonstrating intricate thought processes—and still being highly readable and engaging. The average person should be able to pick up your dissertation and follow along with most of it. Maybe not the average garbage collector, but the average college educated person, should still grasp 80% of what you write.

The reason readability is so important is because ultimately if you land a professorial job, you will probably be teaching college students. A readable dissertation is textual proof that you can present complex ideas in a manner that is accessible. This is obviously an invaluable skill when it comes to teaching students who were just in high school a short while ago. Dissertation writing services can help you formulate a dissertation that captures all your hard work, your fresh perspective, your unique findings and help you present it all in a manner which is highly reader-friendly.

Dissertation Writing Service Defined

A dissertation writing service helps provide the student with a nuanced and comprehensive dissertation on literally any subject in all of academia. Rather than feeling like you’re on your own struggling to churn out pages, a dissertation writing service gives you crucial support.

Such a service assigns you to a writer or a team of writers who all have written numerous dissertations. The writer or writers analyzes all your materials and helps sculpt the paper in the direction it needs to go into in order to be successful. A dissertation writing service has the experience of both understanding your current perspective and knowing how to further sculpt it to excellence. This can help relieve the student of an enormous amount of worry, as there will no longer be a concern regarding whether or not your pages submitted will receive approval.


The work provided by dissertation writing services is to be used as a guideline or reference in assisting the student in completing their own dissertation. The students who hire such services are exceedingly capable of doing excellent work. Often times, they just need the help of seasoned professionals to provide them with a guide to offer reassurance that they are on the right track.

Dissertation writing services can give them a template to follow based on the precise subject and materials the student has provided. This way the student doesn’t feel like they’re stumbling around in the dark in crafting the final document of their academic career.

Parts of a Dissertation

Chapter 1: Introduction

The introduction is where you captivate the reader’s interest and present the research question or issue you are currently exploring. Most dissertations will have an extraordinarily complex research question. In this case, the introduction will present the reader with the separate ideas involved in each aspect of the thesis, discussing them at length.

At the end of the introduction, which will span several pages, the writer states the exact research question or thesis. The introduction in its entirety helps in justifying the entire point of the dissertation and explains why one must go on this journey of exploration. The thesis essentially shows what can be gained from this research and why this deeper examination is necessary for a particular subject.

1. General Background of the Areas of Focus

These three to four paragraphs are where you, the writer, acquaint the reader with the general topics connected to your research question. Since dissertations are so intricate, and usually straddle the connection between several elements at once, you need to introduce these elements to your reader in a manner that is effective.

For example, consider a dissertation that explores how 19th century economic times and child developmental practices in Victorian England influenced the work of Charles Dickens. One would have to spend separate paragraphs discussing 19th century economy and industry, life for children in 19th century England, as well as child rearing and developmental practices. In addition, a final paragraph would have to be spent discussing Charles Dickens and his work, suggesting a connection between the latter two subjects.

2. Importance of the Issue

This section should be no longer than one or two pages, but needs to show the urgency of your dissertation’s subject matter. Make a clear statement that clarifies for the reader what can be gained by engaging in this research. Assert plainly why one needs to conduct a study in this manner. Offer clear explanations for the abstract and concrete reasons for why illuminating this question is crucial.

3. Scrutinize the Theoretical Basis for the Endeavor

a. The elements in your research question will have a theoretical basis that you need to be able to assert lucidly. Explain how the most relevant theoretical viewpoints assist in ground the research. You can briefly allude to competing theoretical viewpoints, but those really should be analyzed deeper in the literature review.

b. Clearly explain all significant theoretical definitions of valid terms and constructs. This way, your reader will be on the same page as you and be able to easily follow along with all arguments that you make.

4. Integrate and Analytically Examine the Relevant Literature

a. Construct an argument in defense of the necessity of the dissertation by referring to existing research that addresses the main variables or philosophies/theories within the suggested study. This should summarize the shortcomings or issues with how the current literature has addressed or failed to address your interrelated topics.

b. It may be necessary to assess the crossover of only certain variables, because literature might not exist for all the variables in your proposed research.

5. Problem Statement

a. Assert the reason/need for the research directly and concisely.

b. The introduction should serve as an organic preamble to the problem statement.

6. Research Questions and Hypotheses

a. It is common to have more than one research question, with a corresponding number of hypotheses. On the other hand, it’s also common to have one main research question, with supporting or corollary questions.

b. This is not the place to operationalize variables. Instead, stick to crafting theoretical questions and their corresponding hypotheses in a serious manner.

c. Make certain your research question is actually in the form of a question, shows a clear connection among all constructs, and is something that can be tested through experiment. If you’re writing a dissertation for the humanities, make sure your research question can be supported through evidence found in texts or images.

d. Hypotheses are direct assertions that declare what you think will happen, yet in the present grammatical tense.

e. Consider the following example:

i. Research Question: How do adolescents with anorexia cope with the physical consequences of their severe weight loss and inadequate nutritional intake?

ii. Hypothesis 1: Adolescents with anorexia nervosa rely on other stimulants and supplements in order to make up for the physical consequences of the disease.

iii. Hypothesis 2: Adolescents with anorexia nervosa deliberately ignore the physical consequences of the disease, ensuring their focus stays on remaining severely underweight.

iv. Hypothesis 3: Adolescents with anorexia nervosa have a certain amount of body and facial dysmorphia that makes them unaware of the debilitating physical consequences of the disease.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

This chapter summarizes all significant articles in the area of focus within the arena of focus. The literature selected here should offer support for the overall theoretical argument and help demonstrate that the writer has mastery over both the intricacies of the concepts and the evidence used for enforcement.

1. Historical Circumstances

a. Help shape a perspective for the reader. This section equates to more than just a chronology of events so do not feel obligated to include every detail. Just stick to the most significant events, findings, studies, and articles.

b. Address the more overt problems, controversies, and discrepancies that will either influence your study, or your course of research. Describe the history or backdrop on all variables used.

2. Theory Significant to Research Questions/Hypotheses.

a. Describe the theoretical viewpoints that guide your research

b. Assess and compare contradictory or challenging theories and explain the necessity of the theoretical foundation of the dissertation.

c. Discuss the significance of the theoretical foundation of the dissertation and how it addresses the overall issue.

3. Current (Experimental) Literature Appropriate to Research Questions/Hypotheses

a. Include in this section:

i. Literature addressing specific variables.

ii. Literature addressing a certain conglomeration of variables, such as relevant background literature.

iii. If your dissertation is in a field such as the humanities and you won’t be looking at empirical data, just focus on describing all pertinent research that addresses your question(s) in a germane manner.

b. Resist the temptation to just list research studies, but rather show the connections among them and how they address your greater and supporting research questions. Transitions should help you fluidly move between ideas and show your reader how all these studies are interwoven among your main focus.

c. Engage in a discussion of the assets/liabilities of the methods and findings in all studies, and state what you are intending to do better or expand upon in your work.

4. Harness headings and sub-headings as a way of categorizing this part. Some dissertations might benefit from a “concept map” in this section to help organize the study. This part should demonstrate the overall deductive reasoning that should be guiding the paper, as you start from a wide range of pertinent studies and then narrow your focus as you go on.

Chapter 3: Methods

This section should offer a detailed description of the methodology harnessed for the study. Within this chapter, having subsections such as participants, instruments, materials, procedures and analysis are useful. However, if this is a dissertation for the humanities, describing the process by which research, comparison, and analysis occurred, would go here.

1. Participants

a. List the living participants; state their clearance from the International Review Board.

b. Discuss the subjects in clear detail, allowing the reader to picture them, thus giving a more vivid aspect to your paper.

c. Discuss the methods employed when gathering this sample. For instance, if a sample of convenience is harnessed, one should state this clearly, along with any inclusion or exclusion criteria.

d. Engage in a power evaluation to find out the best sample size for the proposal. Record these findings and connect them in the final document, offering an explanation if there are meaningfully more or less subjects in the final evaluation.

e. If there were any withdrawals from the research, cite the reasons and all significant data regarding the attrition.

f. Describe how any absent data was handled.

g. If a survey was relied upon, note the rate of return here.

2. Measures

a. Describe all significant measurement techniques along with any unpublished instruments. Duplicates of such instruments need to be placed in appendices. If unpublished instruments are used, there will be a need for both reliability and validity analyses.

b. Published instruments or methods used at other times need proper citations.

c. State evidence of reliability and validity directly and concisely.

d. Categorize this section according to the terms of constructed evaluated. For measures that have more than one construct, be specific when discussing which constructs you are referring to at a given time. Offer precise reliability and validity statistics for the subscale.

3. Research Design

a. Offer an overall description of the research design and all necessary vocabulary or terms used. Also mention potential risks to the security of internal and external validity of this design.

b. State independent and dependent variables and their definitions within this research.

c. Add a diagram/figure of the research design if available and relevant.

4. Procedures

a. Describe all procedures precisely, allowing readers to duplicate the study if needed.

b. If a survey is relied upon at any point, the data collection methods need descriptions, along with the rate of return and all relevant procedures used, along with any non-responders that need to be addressed.

c. Copies of the materials used need to be duplicated in one of the appendices.

5. Data Analysis

a. Re-clarify all research questions and corresponding hypotheses.

b. Each hypothesis should have relevant statistical analyses in tow.

c. For each statistical technique given, offer a brief description along with assumptions connected to the statistical analyses to be examined, along with the motivation behind selecting these techniques.

d. Mention alpha levels in order to establish overall statistical significance.

Chapter IV. Results

The section offers the overall findings of the analyses in a clear fashion, usually in the same order in which the research questions have been presented in the paper. It’s crucial that the results be presented without interpretation: interpretation is exclusively for the Discussion section.

1. Sequence of Arrangement for Nomothetic Studies

a. Descriptive Statistics

b. Preliminary Statistical Analyses

c. Statistical analyses to respond to main research questions and corresponding hypotheses.

d. For studies that have a single subject or which are qualitative, forge the sequence of presentation with the chair of the department.

2. Statistical Analyses to Answer Research Questions/Hypotheses

a. Harness both questions and hypotheses to arrange findings.

b. Restate in new language each question and hypothesis along with the results of the tests of all assumptions and then via data analyses that offer answers to the question/hypothesis.

c. State statistical power of the test and result amounts.

3. Arrange Data into Tables and Figures

a. Each Table or Figure needs to be noted in the paper.

b. Tables and Figures must be complete in their content in order to be comprehended without referring back to the text.

c. Insert tables and figures immediately after their first reference in the paper, as feasible.

Chapter V. Discussion

Findings are illuminated in reference to the main and supporting research questions and examined in union with other research articles and findings. Noting all limitations of interpretation and implied directions for subsequent research are discussed.

1. Summary

a. Review findings concisely.

b. Describe findings in non-statistical terms, using accessible language. Respond to the overarching research question and corresponding hypothesis.

2. Conclusions

a. Use headings to arrange this section.

b. Clearly describe the implied suggestions of the findings. Incorporate findings with the

theoretical background and significant results from other studies.

c. Connect to literature review, noting both the consistencies and inconsistencies with findings of those studies, found in the literature mentioned.

d. Determine if findings offered support or distinction from current theoretical viewpoints.

e. Consider the implications of the findings in a way that makes it clear to the reader that one is speculating.

3. Limitations

a. Discuss the flaws within the study that narrows the validity of the findings.

Most limitations should have been prevented from entering the study beforehand, though some may have been out of the power of the researcher.

b. It can be appropriate to make a statement regarding how generalizable the results are, along with controls that may be harder to meet.

4. Recommendations for Future Research

a. Offer precise suggestions founded in the dissertation findings as they connect to the theoretical and empirical center.

b. Offer an explanation as to why the proposed research is essential and how it should be structured.

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Custom Dissertation Writing Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dissertation and thesis the same?

No, even though people use these terms (incorrectly) as synonyms. A thesis is a long paper that graduate students complete at the end of their master’s coursework. The purpose of a thesis is to determine how well a graduate students comprehends a specific faction of their field of study, or to test drive a “junior dissertation” in some programs.

A master’s thesis essentially revolves around a proposed thesis, generally a reactions to the work of other scholars in the field. It’s generally less complex than a dissertation. In a thesis, these student makes a case for a particular perspective.

On the other hand, a dissertation is done at the end of doctoral study, and signifies a much higher level of complexity. A dissertation refers back to numerous other examples of relevant previous research by scholars in the field, as well as independent research conducted by the student. A dissertation focuses on original thought and experimentation and the act of proving and disproving hypotheses.

Is it legal to use this type of service?

Yes, we are an educational consulting service, developed to help students with the many challenges that come with academic programs. In a perfect world, all students would be provided with all the necessary writing help they need, but often that’s just not the case. We help fill in the gaps so students can reach their level of personal excellence.

Can the completed order be submitted for publication?

No, the writing we provide is just designed to be used as an educational guide or template.

Can I submit additional faxes/files to the writer?

Yes, we welcome notes, requisite research or anything else the client deems relevant. All these extra materials help in shaping the best writing sample.

How many pages should a dissertation be?

On average, dissertations run from 100-200 pages, but we have encountered some over 300 pages or longer.

Do you provide editing of my already completed dissertation?

Yes, we pride ourselves in having the best writers. Often the best writers are also the best editors. If you just want us to read what you’ve written, refine it and make suggestions, we are happy to do that.

Do you complete dissertations for resident of the UK?

Yes, our services are available worldwide. Our writers are well versed in adjusting to the different expectations in dissertation formats and regional English spelling differences.

My topic is very obscure. Do you think you’ll still be able to help me?

Yes, our writers have helped with dissertations on a host of esoteric subjects. We haven’t encountered one we weren’t able to assist with yet.

My school has asked for a paper copy. What sort of paper should I use?

Most schools will require an acid-free or acid-neutral paper when printing one’s dissertation, along with a specific cotton content (often 25%). It’s best to double check with your dissertation advisor on this.

Do you have examples of dissertation orders you have completed?

Yes, you can look at the following dissertation samples to see the quality of our work.

Dissertation Example #1

Dissertation Example #2

Dissertation Writing Tips

  • Keep your writing readable and easy to follow. You can still sound erudite yet present complex ideas in an accessible manner.
  • Show that you are breathing new life into old work: so many of these subjects have been addressed over and over. Select a branch of focus that represents a refreshingly fresh perspective. Your ability to engage in this level of innovation could remarkably enhance your job prospects.
  • Try to preemptively address and thwart all limitations before allowing them to enter your research.
  • When outlining your dissertation, reach out to colleagues and cohorts for suggestions and input.
  • Looking at examples of successful dissertations can give you a world of clarity.


Dissertation writing services can drastically relieve the level of pressure and intense expectations that can come with writing one’s dissertation. Some doctoral students take years to write their dissertation—something that amounts largely to wasted time and watered down job prospects.

Dissertation writing services are like having a kind advisor helping you down the long path of crafting that massive paper. You can be honest and frank with a writer helping you with these pages in ways that you can’t be with your professor or advisor. Given how competitive all aspects of the job market of academia are, getting the assistance of the best dissertation writing services can help load the dice in the favor of the doctoral student.

You can proceed with placing your order here at anytime.

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