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A paper writing service understands that for some people, writing comes to them second nature.

For these lucky people, writing a paper is something they can do with such ease.

It’s like catching a softball.

Such a service also understands that for other people, the process is way less intuitive and often riddled with stagnation.

These people, we’ve found, need more time during the writing process.

They need time to brainstorm and to organize their ideas.

They need to figure out where their supporting evidence is coming from and how it’s going to fit into their paper.

Neither type of person has it easier in life: the natural writers often struggle with subjects that the non-writers can do effortlessly (such as mathematics or foreign languages). Luckily for both varieties, there’s lot of help available all over the Internet.

A paper writing service is one of the resources out there that can make the entire essay creation process much more painless.

For so many students, writing a paper can feel like trying to navigate through a fire swamp: it’s dark, murky and success is uncertain.

This can cause the average student feel like there’s something wrong with them, or dampen the entire educational experience.

A paper writing service can make all the difference in this regard, acting as a flashlight in the more nebulous steps of this process.

What is a Paper Writing Service?

A paper writing service refers to a company or individual who provides sample papers for students to use as guides.

Students can use these sample papers when engaged in the task of writing their own papers, or in the overall educational process of becoming a better writer.

A paper writing service should be entirely capable of providing an excellent, grade-A level paper on a variety of subjects, no matter how obscure.

For example, the service should be able to write about the connection between 17th century calligraphy and 17th century dramas, or how chaos math can predict the next recession.

A good paper writing service should be like an online tutor who leads by example, providing illumination in their sample essays and feedback.

A solid paper writing service should also be able to offer a host of other services aside from just creating sample papers.

For example, they should be able to help draft outlines, providing editing and feedback services on already written papers, and be able to help guide drafts you’ve already created.

The best paper writing services should be able to improve on the work that you’ve already written, showing you what the best culmination of your ideas looks like.

A paper writing service should be able to improve upon a weak thesis, refining it to a higher level of precision.

If your thesis has been assigned by a professor, a great paper writing service will ensure it is well-supported and explored.

When you get your sample paper, you really should feel completely enlightened after you read it.

The sample paper should provide illumination in what an excellent essay looks like.

The clarity that your template provides you with should be greater than any tutorial you read online.

Any paper writing service that has the most minimum levels of excellence, will give you the opportunity to ask for a rewrite or several.

Even the best writers don’t always get things perfect the first time.

The ability to ask for rewrites means that this company is promising you that they will get the task perfect.

Finally, a paper writing service needs to have a strong reputation of not only meeting deadlines, but ideally handing in work early.

This not only contributes to a client’s peace of mind, but also allows for ample time to review the work.

Taking care in examining the work means that the student really can use it to best inspire and guide their own writing.

Different Types of Papers

The best paper writing service will be able to offer templates, guides, drafts, and outlines for a range of writing assignments.

Their wealth of capabilities should make you feel like anything can be tackled


Essays refer to shorter non-fiction pieces of composed writing that argue a thesis through description, clarification an/or analysis.

They are usually five paragraphs in length: introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Often for in-class exams in the humanities, students will be assigned the task of writing an essay.

At the high school or college level, professors can assign an essay for virtually any topic.

Essays can even be used for personal topics, such as the famous (and often monotonous) sharing what one did over summer vacation or discussing overcoming life’s challenges. The college essay is an example of this type of writing.

It often expects the writer to find a way to portray the merging of their intellectual curiosity with their personal virtues.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays argue the validity of a viewpoint or opinion.

The argumentative essay introduces a subject in the first paragraph, with the last sentence expressing the position, perspective or opinion of the writer.

Essentially, this is the point being argued.

The body paragraphs of an argumentative essay are the most important part.

They contain the reasons supported by evidence that spotlights the validity of the perspective or opinion.

For example, if someone believes that all guns should be rounded up and made illegal, their supporting paragraphs must show compelling facts regarding crime rates and guns. Argumentative essays also have to contain counterarguments, in order to anticipate common objections to viewpoints expressed.

The writer of an argumentative essay should demonstrate why these common objections are incorrect or flawed, again using compelling evidence.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is similar to an argumentative essay, but still distinct.

Even teachers will sometimes confuse the two.

A persuasive essay still tries to convince the reader of a particular viewpoint, opinion or belief, but relies less on concrete evidence.

Persuasive essays often begin in the same manner as argumentative essays: the first paragraph introduces the reader to the subject at hand.

However, a persuasive essay relies heavily on using a tone that desires to convince, with less dependence on evidence.

A persuasive essay will have body paragraphs that contain reasons that are often supported by emotional appeals.

For example, a persuasive essay on abortion should be abolished, would use the sanctity of human life as an emotional appeal.

Each body paragraph of a persuasive essay would explain a different reason, just as with an argumentative essay.

The difference is that the reasons wouldn’t have to rely solely on facts as argumentative essays must.

A persuasive essay can use an emotional appeal, an argument about human nature, observations or historical patterns to support each reason.

Compare & Contrast Essays

These essays operate on the philosophy that to truly understand two things in a deeply investigative manner, comparison is crucial.

Comparing two things forces the writer to examine them in a way that is totally comprehensive.

A more novice writer will focus on how two subjects are similar or how two subjects are different.

Alternatively, such a novice writer might focus on how two subjects have a mix of differences and similarities.

Ultimately these methods are acceptable, but an excellent compare and contrast essay does more.

This essay uses the findings of comparison to forge a more meaningful conclusion about the two things.

This conclusion should shed deeper illumination on the items being compared.

Expository Essay

This essay is one of the most basic forms that emerges within academia.

It takes the shape of informative academic writing by showing the even analysis of a subject.

When selecting a topic for such an essay, you need to be prepared by showing genuine facts, patterns, numbers and real life examples.

This particular type of essay can be used for virtually any subject in education, from the best teaching method for autistic children, to themes of despair in Emily Bronte’s writing. The goal of this type of essay is deep analysis, ultimately offering illumination on the nuances of a subject.

This essay should offer the reader deeper insight than ever before.

Narrative Essay

This type of essay encompasses the “things I did on my summer vacation” and all comparable subjects.

One of the fun parts about this paper is that it actually is okay to use “I” when writing, as you are often recounting a tale of your experience.

The narrative essay asks you to describe things that happened to you and what you did. Narrative essays frequently arise in college applications as students are asked to “discuss an obstacle you overcame” or “explain where you’d like to be in 10 years.”

Narrative essays and descriptive essays can have a degree of overlap, which is why some teachers often lump them together.

While there are many similarities between these two types of essays, there are also many nuances that distinguish them.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays paint a picture of a noun: a picture, place or thing.

Many descriptive essays emerge in travel writing, art history, architecture, fashion, music or any other subject when words need to be used to create a visual depiction.

The overlap between narrative and descriptive essays can be most readily seen when it comes to the college application process.

For instance, some colleges will ask you to “Describe a person who has had a profound influence on your life.”

In this case, you’re technically describing a person, but you’re also discussing the impact this person has had on your life.

Hence, some descriptive essays can have hints of narrative and vice-versa.

Term Papers

Term papers refer to a longer writing assignment, on average seven to ten pages (though sometimes as long as 15 to 20).

The content of a term paper is to represent the work done during the term that has just been completed.

At some schools, this is called a “final paper.”

Hence, term papers often have questions that are orchestrated by teachers that force the student to connect the major and minor concepts examined over the term.

For example, a term paper might ask, “Discuss three of the major collaborations that occurred from artists involved during the New York School of Poetry in the mid-20th century and argue that each collaboration reinforced the subsequent one.

The goal of a term paper is to demonstrate that you were not only paying attention in class, but that you’re able to synthesize all the main ideas the professor talked about.

Research papers

Research papers can encompass many of the other types of essays described—term papers, argumentative papers, expository papers, and even comparative papers.

A research paper refers to a long writing assignment when the student is forced to engage in a wealth of exploratory research, and then more research, and then some additional research for good measure.

On the one hand, a successful research paper shows that the student has done a deep swan dive to the deepest part of the ocean and is not afraid to dig up a host of evidence to prove a point.

On the other hand, a research paper needs to be more than just a culmination of sources that answer a thesis or research question.

While support for the main point/question needs to be tight, it should also be able to demonstrate a deeper uncovering of the main idea.

A reader should feel enlightened after reading one’s research paper.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay revolves around focusing on a subject, topic or theme and then gathering a host of sources that address it.

It’s kind of like going to multiple doctors for second, third, and fourth opinions (and more.

With all the resources gathered, the writer must analyze them all from a factual viewpoint.

The writer must determine which findings are most significant to the topic, while keeping things like methodology and sample size in mind.

Likewise, this type of essay can be applied to the humanities, with the writer examining the four or five different translations of a particular work.

Ultimately, the writer will summarize all the findings and determine which translation was best.

Thus, all analytical essays end the same way: with the researcher making recommendations for further research (as usual).

There is a hint of the compare/contrast vibe in this essay, given all the juxtaposing of the sources.

Some teachers will sometimes just refer to this essay type as a “research paper.”


The terms thesis and dissertation are often used interchangeably (most often by those outside of academia), though this shouldn’t be the case.

A thesis usually refers to the terminal writing completed at the end of one’s master’s degree.

This paper often encompasses 30 to 50 pages of work on a subject that is very specific to one’s area of focus.

The student needs to develop a thesis in reaction to the previous work done in the academic arena.

The student closely scrutinizes the previous work, while making a strong case for their perspective.

Most crucially, the master’s thesis needs to demonstrate a complexity of thought.

A master’s thesis needs to demonstrate the ability to connect different ideas and perspectives in a kaleidoscopic manner in order to show relationships, impact, influence and nuance.


A dissertation is the tremendously long document completed at the end of the doctoral period of study.

Completing one’s dissertation can daunt some doctoral so tremendously it derails their academic careers: they take years to finish it.

The dissertation, which averages around 100 pages in length, needs to represent focus on a branch of the student’s specialty.

The challenge of the dissertation is that the doctoral student needs to pinpoint a topic that hasn’t yet been studied.

The impetus on the student is not just their ability to write well, connect intricate ideas, show their expertise and understanding, but to complete unprecedented research.

This is so important, as the dissertation can help or nullify a student’s job prospects.

Why do You Need a Paper Writing Service?

As stated earlier, a paper writing service can be the proverbial lighthouse on the stormy sea of academic expectations.

Some students have been lost in a particular class for months and need extra help handing in assignments.

Some clients feel more comfortable asking their assigned writer questions about the subject matter, rather than their teacher.

Still other students find that they learn exponentially more when given one of our sample papers.

Some clients are visual learners and it’s only after they have a copy of what the teacher clearly wants are they empowered enough to recreate their own.

Furthermore, some students just like a competitive edge: having a completed paper to use as a guide on the exact question can’t help but give them a boost.

Our Ordering Process

We know our clients are under such stress and pressure by the time they get to us.

Thus, we try to keep our ordering process as simple and as streamlined as possible.

We ask the student to provide us with the proper specifications of their paper: what is the subject, the page length, any required sources to incorporate, as well as any notes from your teacher from past work points of improvement.

If there are required sources not readily available on the internet, we ask that you scan them or take pictures from your mobile phone.

Students can also make notes regarding the tone and style of the paper.

For example, if the client wants something simple and easy to follow, the writers have no problem adhering to such specifications.

Once all the details are complete, the student just needs to pay for the order with a credit card.

Likewise, alternative methods of payment are available as well, such as a money order, or a money transfer from western union.

Financing options are available through paypal credit.

When the payment is complete, your order is given to a writer who has expertise within this field of study.

The moment an exact writer has the assignment, you will be able to email this expert any additional notes or questions.

Likewise, your writer will be able to message you as well.

By the time the writer has finished the order at the designated deadline, you will have the chance to review it and potentially ask for rewrites or modifications.

For example, if the writer didn’t completely follow your instructions, or if a crucial source was left out, feel free to ask for a rewrite.

The satisfaction of our clients is vital to us: the client can ask for rewrites until they are completely pleased.

Some of our students have repeated this process for all of their college essays.

This is something that has undeniably given them a viable advantage, allowing them to synthesize concepts faster.

These clients are the envy of their cohorts, as they’re more empowered to build higher GPAs and brighter futures.


Selecting the best paper writing service is a crucial decision that’s not to be made hastily. This is actually no easy task as there are so many to choose from.

As a discerning consumer and student, you need to pick the one that clearly has access to the best writers.

The best writers are usually the ones who can write quickly and effectively on virtually any subject imaginable.

These writers honor deadlines, always incorporate crucial texts, and always meet the word count.

When choosing a paper writing service for your next project, definitely pick one that has the confidence of a proven track record.

At, we have been helping students become better thinkers and writers for over 15 years.

There isn’t a project that is too complex for us to handle.

We honor our clients and we understand the level of pressure they are under. Empowering our writers to craft their best work, helps our students turn in their best work.

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