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The only way to rescue these zygotes is to have them implanted into a woman and brought to term.

It is hard to say whether or not it would be inconsistent for a female religious "pro-lifer" to refuse to have fertilized eggs implanted into her uterus. There are many differences between rescuing a drowning child and becoming impregnated with an unborn child. First, a drowning child will only inconvenience the rescuer for a short period of time, while becoming pregnant will last for nine months. Additionally, rescuing a drowning child does not usually obligate the rescuer to care for the child or take financial responsibility for the child after the incident, while becoming pregnant with a child will obligate a person to this. Also, it is not necessarily the moral obligation of a person to join the coast guard so that he or she will spend all of his or her time searching the waters for children that might be drowning, only to save the child if it is found by chance.

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It might be argued that the woman has no obligation to go looking for frozen zygotes that are in storage and are in need of rescue. In that case it would only be the woman's obligation to rescue the zygotes if they happen to come across her path. In the case that the frozen zygote was directly presented to her, it would be more likely to be against her moral beliefs to refuse implantation.

Despite the inconvenience, all religious women should rescue as many of these zygotes as possible. If a woman believes that zygotes have the same moral right to life as a born child does, not only should she become implanted with one zygote to rescue it from perishing, but should repeatedly become impregnated with as many zygotes as possible. Additionally, it is the moral obligation to recruit as many mothers to rescue zygotes as possible......

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