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"This paper provided the support i needed to help me write my essay on the "US Presidential Election on 2016"

Jennifer S.

Colorado, U.S.

I went from being an A English student in high school to struggling with my college writing.’s example papers helped me understand the requirements of college-level writing. Thanks to them, I am getting A’s in English, again!

Gabe A.

New Jersey, U.S.

"Before using, I had a problem determining which websites were okay to use as references in my works cited page. My example essay included a number of reliable, quality references that I could use in my own research."

Jackie I.

Florida, U.S.

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Professionally Written College Essay Examples

If you are doing a google search on "finding someone to write my essay", congratulations- you have arrived at the correct website and we are here to help you. is the leader in writing assistance, helping thousands of students each semester. What keeps our customers coming back for more? We like to think it is our entire approach to the business of academic writing, from customer service to working with industry-leading subject-area expert writers.

You came here for the writing, so you will be happy to know that at we work with hundreds of highly-qualified professional writers who are experts in their fields. We think subject-area expertise is critical, so that we can bring you the highest quality research combined with the writing style appropriate for your field. We know that an English major views the world differently than an engineer does, so we cultivate writers in all fields to make sure our customers have access to the expert professional help they want and need.

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Second, we stand by the quality of our writing by offering unlimited rewrites and revisions of your original order. We know that our writers can deliver a paper that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them, so we guarantee that they will. Fortunately, most of our customers never get to experience this side of our business. By using professional writers who are area-experts, we avoid a lot of the potential confusion that could occur if a writer was unfamiliar with your subject area or topic. In addition, our convenient communication center allows you and your writer to communicate with one another 24/7, so that the writer can easily ask you questions or for clarification, or you can send additional information or instructions. As a result, most of our customers never need any revisions or rewrites. However, if you do, our writers will tweak your paper until you are happy with it.

Third, we only use native English speaking writers. While many of our writers are also fluent in foreign languages and can help you if you need a paper written in another language, they are all able to communicate with you without language barriers and write in a way that reflects not just English proficiency or fluency, but also an awareness of all of the weird little quirks and traps in English. It is amazing how many little idiosyncrasies there are in English that we take for granted, but that really differentiate native from non-native speakers. Do not worry if you are a customer from outside of the United States. While the majority of our writers are from the U.S., we also have writers from other English-speaking countries, so, for example, if you are from outside of the U.S. and need a paper in British-English or Australian-English, you simply need to include that information in your order.

Those three traits describe our business philosophy, but do little to tell you what we can do for you. Well, we like to think of ourselves as your one-stop choice for custom written example essays and writing help from experts across a range of academic and professional fields. You have, no doubt, found yourself at our website because you are struggling with a writing assignment, and are looking for help and guidance on how to complete that assignment. If you need help on an assignment, you want high-quality, you want reliability, and you want it to you by or before your deadline. You have to have all three things or the project is useless to you, and we know that. At, we have hundreds of writers who write thousands of custom example essays each year, providing you with the quality, reliability, and the fast-turnaround you want and need.

When you had your orientation for school, you were undoubtedly warned about things like plagiarism and using paper mills. There can be serious consequences for using someone else’s work without crediting it, which has made some people leery of using custom example essays to help with their writing. So, what makes different from a paper mill? First, we offer different services. Sure, we have an archive of papers that you can peruse to help you understand a topic, a writing style, or a certain writing format. Those papers are not custom-written and citing them in your own writing is discouraged because other customers may have cited to them, as well, and your results could be similar enough to raise flags. However, what we are best-known for is our custom example essay service. These examples are 100% original writing created specifically to fulfill your order, except for clearly marked quotations or referenced material. That way, you can be confident that you are citing the source correctly if you use any passages from the custom material. A paper mill will sell you a recycled paper and lead you to believe you can turn it in as your own work, which can have disastrous results for you. We will create a custom-written paper that meets your specifications and let you know that you can use it as a comprehensive guide for your own work. Paper mills prey on desperate students and tell them that they can turn in purchased papers as their own work for academic credit, which no website can tell you. This sets their customers up for some potential problems. At, we make it very clear to our customers that we are providing example paper writing services, and that our goal is to help people better understand writing and improve their grades.

Some people are confused about the purpose of custom written example essays, but we are strong believers that they can be a powerful learning tool for students. Whether you lack confidence in your own writing skills or simply do not understand a particular assignment, using a custom-written example essay, which has been written to meet your specifications and guidelines, can provide you with a template for your own work. Of course, at, we are in the business of providing these example essays for our customers, so you expect us to be fans of the concept. However, we are not alone in our belief that a well-written example essay can really help students improve their own writing. In fact, the example essay is such a powerful teaching tool that even well-known testing agencies, such as ACT, provide example essays on their website to help students understand what type of response should be given to an essay prompt. The College Board, which administers the SAT, also provides test-takers with example essays and score ranges, to help students understand expectations. Many colleges, universities, and high schools have embraced this learn-by-example philosophy and provide students with examples of different essay types, so that students can understand the specifics of different types of writing assignments. Our service continues the fine tradition of teaching by example.

However, at, we take the example essay a step further; instead of providing customers with a generic sample essay, speech, argumentative essay, persuasive essay, five paragraph essay, creative writing assignment, term paper, or research paper, we provide custom-written examples for our customers. This difference is critical. Our custom example essays do more than show you the proper format for MLA, APA, Turabian, Blue Book, Chicago, and other-style papers, they also suggest themes, supporting arguments, and even appropriate resources for your own research. While some people may have no problem translating the lessons in a sample MLA essay about Romeo and Juliet to their own essay about Hamlet, the reality is that many of us are overwhelmed by the differences in even those two very similar topics, much less when asked to translate the lessons from a generic sample essay to a very different topic. The customized example essay eliminates that confusion and provides a step-by-step template for you to create your own work, based on an example essay that meets all of the specifications you provided. You will not have to guess at how you should translate things from your example to your paper.

We are a registered corporation in the States of New Jersey and Florida, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our company is also U.S. owned and operated and only works with writers where English is their primary language.

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