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  • Last Edited: December 19, 2018
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At we are always looking for high quality academic freelance writers to work with our company.  Currently we are looking to contract with about 10-20 new writers for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semester.  Please read the below requirements and confirm they are met before sending your resume.  We have also outlined the process involved in becoming a writer.


  • must possess a minimal bachelor’s degree from a U.S. accredited University
  • English must be your primary language, not a secondary language.
  • must understand correct spelling, punctuation, syntax and flow (per U.S. English standards)
  • must understand how to properly cite outside references in MLA, APA, Turabian
  • must possess a valid social security or tax identification number so you can be issued a 1099 at year end.
  • must be available for a 30-minute phone interview to discuss your writing responsibilities.
  • must provide samples of previously completed academic work


You will be responsible for providing our customers with a one-of-a-kind unique example custom essay per their exact specifications by the requested date and time.  This example essay will be written in perfect English and grammar, and will be correctly cited throughout.  The customers (students) will then use these example essays we provide as a template/guideline/reference in helping them complete their own essay.  The student also signs off that they will not use the product provided for academic credit, and will properly cite any information taken from the document provided.


Our rates start at around $9.00 per page and can increase to about $15.00 per page dependent upon quality of work, length of contracted time, and feedback from customers.  We also pay more for the harder subjects and for orders that need to be fulfilled in 6-days or less.  We pay out once per month for all orders completed the previous month either by paper check, direct deposit, Pay Pal (fees apply), or bank wire transfer (fees apply).


1.  After we receive your resume we will review and verify for accuracy – this includes verifying education and previous employment or contracted work.

2.  We will setup a phone interview which could last up to 30 minutes, to discuss our company and requirements.

3.  We may require you to complete a unique 1-2 page sample essay on a specific topic, to have a fresh sample of your writing skills

4.  We will send you an “independent contractor agreement” and “writer’s guidelines agreement” which will need to be signed and mailed back to our office.

5.  Once we receive the signed contract, we will send you an email requesting a username/password as well as a payment form – which will need to be filled out so you can be paid.

FAQ: (frequently asked questions)

Do you take out taxes from our pay?

NO, since you are an independent contractor and not an employee of our company, you are responsible for your own taxes and health insurance.  We do however provide a 1099 at the end of the year which will include a total amount you earned that previous year.  We usually mail out these tax documents around February.

Can I update an old paper and submit if it’s on the same topic?

NO, you are not allowed to submit an old, updated document, for an order on a similar topic with similar requirements.  This is considered self-plagiarism and is forbidden.  The customers are paying for a one-of-a-kind unique customized example essay, and you are being paid for the same.  Doing this will result in loss of pay for that specific order and termination of your contract.  More information on this is included in the “independent contractor agreement.”

Can I submit a paper I wrote to another company for compensation?

NO, you are not allowed to submit our documents to another service regardless if it’s free or compensation is provided.  We own the rights to all documents you complete once you are paid in full for them.  More information on this is also included in the “independent contractor agreement” and “writer’s guidelines agreement.”

If a customer uses a stolen credit card, will I still be paid?

Yes, we absorb all fraudulent orders, so you will be paid 100% for all orders completed that result from credit card fraud.

What is the name of the company I will be contracted with?

You will be under contract with Student Network Resources Inc., which has been in the student assistance industry since 1998.  We are a registered corporation in the states of New Jersey and Florida.  We work with over 130 independent contractors and complete thousands of orders each semester.  We also have a solid A+ rating with the BBB.  Student Network Resources owns a network of college assistance websites, and you will be completing orders for these network of websites.

Now What:

If after reading all of these requirements you are still interested in working with our company, please submit your resume and at least 2 academic writing samples to [email protected].  We will review your email within 2-business days and email you back with any additional questions or comments.  If we have already fulfilled our quota of new contracted writers, we will keep your information on file for future opportunities.

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