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  • Published Date: March 1, 2017

Overwhelmed by a writing assignment?  Worried that you will miss your deadline?  Even worse, worried that you do not understand the assignment and that you are doing it all wrong?  Unable to find the help you need at a price you can afford?  Are you saying to yourself, “I wish someone would just help me write my essay?”

Every student has been where you are at some point in time.  We have all been ready to rip our hair out over a challenging assignment or an impossibly full schedule. It is not only frustrating, but can also be frightening.  No one wants to fail an assignment, especially with the price of college classes these days. The stress and anxiety that comes with that fear of failure does not help when you are already feeling overwhelmed.  Instead, it makes you feel even more like you are in-over-your-head and like nothing you can do will help you.


Take a deep breath.  We are here to help. Our goal is to help students by providing affordable high-quality online essays in a huge range of topics.  We work with your deadline to provide the most budget-friendly, high-quality, custom-written example essays available anywhere online.  We have a long history of turning stressed out students into highly-satisfied customers, and we can help you, just like we have helped them.

You Are a Not a Failure!

Being overwhelmed by an assignment or by a schedule that does not leave you with enough time to finish all of your work can make you feel like a failure.  The reality is that academic writing can be challenging, leaving even the best students to look for help.  When you need help, the best place to turn is to the experts.  We only work with the best freelance writers in the academic writing business and we match our customers with writers who are subject-area experts in the field.  You may start out feeling like a failure, but we can get you the expert help you need to understand and master your project.

Ask for Help When You Need It

We understand being stubborn and determined to do everything yourself.  In fact, some of our writers are more stubborn than others, but in order to be academically successful, we all had to learn to ask for help when we needed it.  In fact, one of the most common comments we get from our customers is that they wish they had used us earlier.   Providing the help you need depends on the writing challenges you are facing.  For some of us, it means finding someone who could provide us with example essays when a writing project proved too challenging.  For others of us, it means finding a tutor who could provide us with essay writing tips. Whatever your writing challenges, we have created this write-my-essay guide to help you overcome them.

It Is Not Your Imagination

Did you get to college and feel unprepared for the type of writing assignments you were assigned?  You are not alone.  In fact, many students feel this way.  Without getting into an in-depth investigation of how standardized tests have changed writing curriculum in K-12 education in America, suffice it to say that many modern high-performing students lack the basic foundation for high-quality academic-level writing.  The writing rules you followed in high school may be insufficient to prepare you to write a critical essay that will impress college professors.

Fortunately, we can help you bridge that gap.  While your high school may only have prepared you to write a basic expository essay, our professional writers can provide you with example essays in a wide variety of styles and topics.  Whether you need a comparison/contrast essay, an argumentative essay, a narrative essay, a college admission essay, a character analysis essay, a process analysis essay, a thesis, a dissertation, a synthesis essay, a reflective essay, a literary analysis essay, or any other type of academic writing assignment; our professional writers know how to write high-quality example essays for every type of academic writing.  In fact, we are one of the few writing services out there with writers known for creative writing in addition to standard academic writing assignments!

Learn From Our Experience

You have probably been told in the past to learn from experience.  You may have thought that meant that you had to do something yourself in order to learn from it.  However, for many people, the quickest way to learn is by watching other people and getting an example from them.  Our experienced, professional writers can provide you with examples of different types of essays, which gives you a great place to start with your own work.

About our Essay Service

Writing is what we do.  We work with some of the best freelance academic writers in the business to connect our student-customers with subject-area expert professional writers who provide you with the best combination of affordability and quality in the business.  This is what we do, all of the time, and we do it well.

Affordable Writing Service

Notice that we did not say that we are the cheapest essay writing site available online.  We are not the cheapest.  If you search for cheap essays, you are going to find sites that offer essays cheaper than what we offer.  However, we firmly believe that being affordable is not the same as being cheap.  After all, a cheap essay that is useless to you is not really cheap; it is just a waste of your money.  Affordability means combining a low price with high quality, which is exactly what we do.

How can we provide great essays at cheap costs?  We do not want to bore you with all of the details, but it has to do with our business model.  Some of our competitors will let any writer that they work with choose an assignment.  However, if a writer is not a subject-area expert, then writing on that topic can take the writer too much time.  The writer then does not make enough money and, eventually, the good writers leave that service.  We focus on keeping our relationships with the best writers in the business.  We match writers with assignments in their areas of expertise, so that they can quickly write high-quality essays, making enough money per hour to keep them happy in their professional relationships with us, and creating great low-cost essay content that keeps our customers happy, as well.

Communicate With Your Writer 

Even students looking for a service to write their essays can be a little nervous about the process.  We understand that.  After all, you are basically placing your academic future in a stranger’s hands.  Put that way, it sounds a little intimidating, even to us.  That is why we make sure that our customers can communicate with their writers throughout the entire writing process.  We provide a communication board that allows you to protect your anonymity while still communicating quickly and efficiently with your writer.  More importantly, if you feel like the writer is not getting back to you as quickly as you would like or is not addressing your concerns, we have a dedicated team of customer service professionals who will work with you and your writer to make sure you are on the same page (no pun intended).

What You Need

We know we are not the only writing service out there.  We have a lot of competition.  Some of our competitors are bad, some are good, but we are the only service out there that we think is great.  There is not one single factor that sets us apart from our competitors, but a combination of several factors.  Our professional writers are native-English speaking subject-area experts who create 100% customized, plagiarism-free material that is written specifically to meet your order guidelines.  We offer a satisfaction guarantee; if you are not happy with your paper, the writer will rewrite it.

What to Look for in a Writing Service

Even if you choose to use one of our competitors, we want you to know what guidelines to use when looking for a professional writing service.  Here are the conditions we consider must-haves in a writing service:

  1. It is not enough to ask if the writers are English speakers; ask if they are native English speakers and where they are located.
  2. Ensure that custom-written assignments are 100% new writing, not recycled papers given to other students.
  3. Only use services that guarantee rewrites until your paper or essay matches your order specifications.
  4. Only use services that allow you to communicate directly with your writer.  Many students prefer services that use writer communication boards, which preserve your anonymity, while still allowing you to interact with your essay writer.

We Offer Services Beyond Example Essays

Sometimes you do not need a full-blown example essay, but some other type of assistance in your writing projects.  We can help you with whatever writing challenge you encounter.  For example, we can help with brainstorming, by answering questions like “what should I write my essay about.” Because our writers are subject area experts, brainstorming with them is a great way to help you find an interesting topic and to be sure that you are on the right track.  We can also provide proofreading, editing, or other services to help you tweak your own writing projects.

Become a Better Writer

While many of our customers come to us in desperation because of a looming deadline, they return to us because they realize that working with us not only helps them improve their writing grades, but actually helps them improve their own writing skills.  Using our high-quality writing service is like employing the most capable English tutor available, and reading our high-quality writing and using it as a template for your own work not only helps you familiarize yourself with subject material, but also with academic-level writing.  You may have come to us looking for someone to pay to write my essays, but find that we are actually a great way to teach yourself to be a better writer.  Many of our customers have found that using writing essay samples as guides for their own writing is their personal key to academic writing success.

Reasons to Use Our Service

Of course, hiring a writer is not always about self-improvement.  Sometimes, “I can’t write my essay” really means, “I don’t want to write my essay.”  Even the best writers have those tired, burned-out moments, when we know that we need to write an influential essay, but are not feeling up to the task.  Maybe you find yourself swamped with other assignments, facing challenges in your personal life, or simply burned out on school.  Instead of silently pleading, someone write my essay, follow my example and look for ways to hire an essay writer to help you with your assignments.  The custom-written example essay you receive will greatly simplify your writing process, reducing your stress, while putting you on the road to academic success.

Some reasons that our customers have given for using a custom essay writing service include:

  • Overwhelmed by too much school work.
  • Worried about missing a deadline.
  • Partied too much and put off an assignment.
  • Family obligations are detracting from school work.
  • Have to work long hours, which is keeping me from finishing my school work.
  • My kid got sick and I don’t have time to write a paper.
  • I do not understand the assignment and my professor is not being helpful.

Still Nervous? 

We get it; hiring an essay-writing service can be a little daunting.  You might not know what you are going to get, and, if you are really confused about a subject, you might not even be sure how to judge the essay you receive.  We understand that, which is why we provide a wide range of information on our website.  If you are not sure you are ready to take that plunge, we suggest you look through our essay tutorials.  We offer a library of tutorial essays that discuss some of the most topical issues in modern times.  You can look through those essays to get a feel for the type of research our writers do, as well as the quality of writing that they offer our customers.   When you compare our example essays to the type of example essays you see on our competitors’ websites, you will quickly understand why we consider ourselves the best in the business. Once you do this, you will be ready to ask us, “write my essay!”

Experience the difference professional writers can make, yourself.  Try one of our example essays today and begin your journey towards better grades and better writing!

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