Write My Essay: A Guide to Finding an Essay Writing Service

write my essay
  • Last Edited: May 16, 2017

Academic writing can be challenging, leaving even the best students to look for help.  When I ran into challenges, I looked for someone to write my essay.  You may not need the same help I needed, because some students may not actually need an essay writer, but simply need essay writing tips. Whatever your writing challenges, we have created this guide to help you overcome them.

In this guide,  “Write My Essay” we share our custom writing tips to help students find an essay writing service or proofreading service that can assist you when you feel overwhelmed by a writing assignment.Why do so many of us students feel this way?  Without getting into an in-depth investigation of how standardized tests have changed writing curriculum in K-12 education in America, suffice it to say that many modern high-performing students lack the basic foundation for high-quality academic-level writing.  The writing rules you followed in high school may be insufficient to prepare you to write a critical essay that will impress college professors.  In fact, many of you discover this before you ever enter college, when faced with application essays.  These application essays are often the first time you are faced with a challenging writing assignment.  I know that when I was faced with the application essay process, I had no idea where to start on my write my college essay to-do list.  I started out wondering, “what should I write my college essay on,” and then progressed to worrying about structure and form.  In fact, it is amazing how quickly thoughts of “what should I write my college essay about” transformed into furtive searches for someone who could write my essay for me cheap.  As an incoming college student, I found I lacked the writing foundation to create the type of application essay that highlighted my strengths as a student and also lacked the money to pay an admissions coach to help me with the assignment.  The resulting search for an essay writer to help with my admission essays was my introduction to the world of paid academic writers.

Of course, getting into college was only the first writing hurdle that I faced.  Regardless of your major, getting into college almost always presents a bevy of new writing challenges.  Over the course of my college career, even though I was not an English major, my write my essay to-do list expanded to include: write a critical thinking essay, write a critical analysis essay, writing a fiction essay, write a dictionary essay, write my classic essay, write my long essay, and creative writing essays.   This essay collection was daunting for a person who did not feel like a natural-born writer.  Though I became more adept at writing as I conquered new challenges and incorporated what I had learned from prior custom example essays, the truth is that when I was really challenged, I still found myself looking for services that could write my essay for cheap.  Even as I grew in proficiency as a writer, the writing assignments became more challenging, and I found that I needed the help of experienced writers who could show me how these different essays types were supposed to look, allowing me to model my own writing on those examples.

Those searches led me to the realization that some writing services are far better than others.  Some services employ writers who speak English as a second language or recycle essays, while other services use English-speaking writers with advanced degrees to provide custom written essays and papers tailored to a customer’s specific ordering guidelines.  As you can imagine, the grades I received using example essays from the different types of sites were significantly different.  Therefore, I came up with the following tips when looking for writing help websites:

  1. It is not enough to ask if the writers are English speakers; ask if they are native English speakers and where they are located.
  2. Ensure that custom-written assignments are 100% new writing, not recycled papers given to other students.
  3. Only use services that guarantee rewrites until your paper or essay matches your order specifications.
  4. Only use services that allow you to communicate directly with your writer. I prefer services that use writer communication boards, which preserve your anonymity, while still allowing you to interact with your essay writer.

Furthermore, when I began working with essay writing services to help me through my college writing courses, I came to realize that I did not always actually need someone to write my essay for me.  Instead, what I needed was help with my writing.  Even today, if I struggle with writing my paper, I might to step back and get help so I can begin a project.  Asking an experienced writer a broad question like, “what should I write my essay about” is a great way to begin a brainstorming session, and getting the help of an experienced writer who is an expert in your field helps assure you that you are on the right track.  Once I focus on a topic, I can turn to those same services if I find that I am challenged by the research I need to do to support my writing or if I have not mastered the required academic writing style for an assignment.

In fact, using custom writing services, I found that using a service that could write my essay online was not just a way to get my writing assignments finished in a timely manner, but also a way to improve my own writing skills.  Finding a quality writing service was like employing the most capable English tutor available, and reading their high-quality writing gradually made me more familiar with academic-level writing.  In fact, while I began my journey looking for someone to pay to write my essays, what I actually found was a service I could use to teach me to be a better writer.  Using writing essay samples as guides for my own writing became my personal key to academic writing success.

Of course, hiring a writer is not always about self-improvement.  Sometimes, “I can’t write my essay” really means, “I don’t want to write my essay.”  Even the best writers have those tired, burned-out moments, when we know that we need to write an influential essay, but are not feeling up to the task.  This is especially true when the assignment is to write a long essay and you are short on time and motivation.  Even when I became more confident in my skills as a writer, there were times I found myself looking for services to write my essay cheap, so that I could take the time I would have spent on a writing assignment and focus on my other academic responsibilities.  Maybe, like me, you find yourself swamped with other assignments, facing challenges in your personal life, or simply burned out on school.  Instead of silently pleading, someone write my essay, follow my example and look for ways to hire an essay writer to help you with your assignments.  The custom-written example essay you receive will greatly simplify your writing process, reducing your stress, while putting you on the road to academic success.

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