Informative Speech on Cyberbullying

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informative speech on cyberbullying

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Informative Speech on Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is defined as a version of bullying perpetrated through information and communication technology channels like the internet, emails, mobile phone and the latest trend, social media platforms like Facebook (Kowalski et al. 2012).  Cyber-bullying is an emerging and fast-growing pattern, which experts contend is more harmful than the traditional form of bullying. In the country, almost all people can be contacted 24/7 through their mobile phones or the internet. Victims could be reached anywhere and at any time. As for the kids, home is no more a refuge from the perpetrators. It is easy for children to escape abuse and threats in the classroom; however, they are likely to find emails and text messages from the same tormentors when they get home.

Cyberbullying is perpetrated across numerous mediums and avenues in the cyberspace (Kowalski et al. 2012). Therefore, it is not a surprise that it often happens where teenagers congregate. Previously, most youths used to hang out in chat rooms; today, this is where most tormenting occurs. Recently, these teenagers have been drawn to social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and video sharing channels like YouTube. This pattern has spurred increased reports of cyberbullying happening in these environments (Kowalski et al. 2012). Textual chat, voice chat, texting via tablets and phones also offer another environment in which harm and hate are expressed. We can also see it happen in newer interactive apps such as Whisper, Yik Yak, and Secret.

Numerous factors motivate perpetrators of cyber-bullying. Revenge motivates some people to engage in cyberbullying. As a victim of cyberbullying, one tends to think that tormenting others is natural because some individuals deserve to be harassed (Kowalski et al. 2012). Some report that they would start to pursue new targets which seem to be weaker than them. This is because they believe that bullying, occasionally, is never enough. Others engage in cyberbullying to boost their ego (Kowalski et al. 2012). Simply, these people harass others to please themselves and their friends who are often not scared because they believe they cannot be caught. Some people are seeking for attention. It is believed that such people did not get attention from their family while some suffer from family conflicts. Therefore, such people tend to starve for recognition of being powerful figures.

Cyberbullying affects individuals from all lifestyles and any age including adults, teens, and children; they all feel alone and distressed when being harassed online (Kowalski et al. 2012). This behavior can make one feel completely overwhelmed and embarrassed from what they are undergoing during such encounters. It worsens when there is no support for the bullied person. For children, they may feel uncomfortable to confide in their parents or adults because they feel ashamed and think they will be ignored, judged and barred from accessing information technologies such as their phones. For almost all victims, cyberbullying affects their daily lives and is a continued source of worry and distress. With the wide availability of mobile technologies, cyberbullying is an ongoing problem and seems to be relentless. Besides proceeding after school, university and work, it tends to carry through into the next day and this cycle continues. Statistics reveal that cyberbullying can result in tragic events such as self-harm and suicide, so it is important to institute measures to protect the vulnerable adults and children from cyberbullying (Kowalski et al. 2012).

Cyberbullying poses an immense danger to society. It harms individuals and adversely affects both the victim and the bully. It is well documented that cyberbullying is a serious global problem and must be addressed.


CyberBullying Book by Robin M. Kowalski (2008)

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