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The pro-choice group really does not have an argument other than the right to choose. It is, unfortunately, not much of a choice when it involves killing a living thing without reason. The political ramifications have reached such a point that the abortion is the only medical procedure that has no age restrictions (or require parental consent). Abortion also goes against the scientific laws of nature. In the creative scheme of things, after God, women occupy a very important place. Such power cannot be misused. Even atheists would concede the powerful natural forces at work here. A woman's body goes through significant changes as it readies it self to create a brand new human being. Abortion cuts this process short.

Then there are guilt feelings and burdens of society. Obviously, a woman who goes through abortion merely for convenience would be guilt ridden for a long time (if not for the rest of her life).
Not to mention the fact it is lazy and irresponsible.

People who attack and kill doctors who engage in abortion are defeating the very cause they espouse. Internet web sites like the Nuremberg Files also undermine the concept of the humanization.

Knowing the above however, I must opine that Roe v. Wade should never be overturned. A safe medical procedure is necessary. It should give women a safe option if the mother's life is a risk. In case of rape, sexual abuse and incest, an option to abort should be available. That being said, for women under the age of eighteen, parental consent should be necessary. Counseling should also be available pre and post-abortion. And yes, without proselytizing, the moral nature of life and the sanctity of life should also be emphasized......

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