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Overview of the product, its brand category, and the niche that it is intended to fill

Headquartered in the UK, technology firm, Dyson, designs and makes vacuum cleaners, heaters, hand dryers, and bladeless fans. It has recently ventured into the hairdryer product category. The company’s most popular offering is its range of ‘bag- less’ vacuum cleaners. According to its trademark, Dyson vacuum cleaners never lose suction. Established in the year 1978 by inventor James Dyson, the inspiration for this corporation came to the entrepreneur when he pulled his vacuum cleaner apart and discovered that the cleaner’s bag was dust- clogged, resulting in the cleaner losing suction. Dyson used his newly- developed cyclone, designed for the purpose of separating air and paint through centrifugal force within a tower fan, and tried to separate dust present within the air by utilizing his cyclone within a vacuum cleaner. Following 5, 127 prototype tries, Dyson was able to create the world’s first bag- less vacuum cleaner (Dyson, 2017).

At present, the company stands among the world leaders in providing multiple products in the vacuum cleaner category, including hand vacuums, upright vacuums, and canisters. The corporation has devoted itself to contributing to sustainability through concentrating on healthy living and efforts geared at decreasing its environmental footprint. The firm believes in the need for a safe work atmosphere and the economic progress of local communities wherein its facilities are operational, worldwide (Dyson, 2017).

The company’s brand comes under the ‘product brand’ class. In other words, its offering is developed on the basis of organizational experiences with its products. At present, the firm is aiming for the carpet cleaner niche. Seven years ago, the firm was focused only on vacuum cleaners. It is, relatively, a newcomer in the market of hair dryers, hand dryers, fans, and heaters. This shift in emphasis will move its key niche of floor care towards that of floor care, on the whole (Dyson, 2017).

Unfilled product niche

Carpet cleaners will make up the unfilled niche for Dyson, thus extending their already successful floor care range. The company erred majorly by venturing into the area of heaters and bladeless fans, rather than concentrating on extending its floor care range. In the capacity of advertising and marketing advisor to the company, the most trying task will be making it concentrate on a given niche market (Dudovskiy, 2015).

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Marketing consultants who advise their client to commence with a tiny, specialized niche normally receive the reply that their offerings may be purchased by all and restriction of their market will result in them losing out on earnings. But, in the capacity of Dyson’s advisor, I aim to explain to the executive team that for floor care product line expansion, there is a need to accommodate carpet cleaner technology within their R&D budget.

Thus, my recommendation would be that: for becoming successful within the contemporary hyper- competitive market, they ought to target their production and marketing efforts towards catering to a small, though sufficiently- populated, specialized niche. The logic is, overtaking competition through applying inventive technology, equipped with a low marketing budget. The corporation will profit from having minimal marketing expenditure and enjoying increased revenues from their offering. Hence, the company can take advantage of the success of its vacuum cleaners and ease into the carpet cleaner category. In case the company fails to follow the suggestion to undertake floor care range expansion, the niche would remain unfilled, or another inventive firm may improve on the product, as currently, carpet cleaners are largely similar and experience identical issues. But, were the executives to agree to concentrate on this unique market opportunity, the likelihood of achieving success without risk (or with minimal risk) will increase.

Brand image

The company has a well- recognized brand image all over the globe owing to the presence of numerous units in a number of nations. Its brand image has effectively crossed national as well as cultural boundaries and obstacles, thereby garnering global attention. Right from the outset, during summer 1991, when Dyson introduced DC- 01, its first vacuum cleaner, into Japanese markets, the company’s brand has been superior to rival firms’ brands on account of its guarantee of never losing suction (Parente & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014). The above contributed to creating a ‘bag- less’ vacuum cleaner niche for Dyson, paving the way for its success within the market for vacuum cleaners. Its offering was considered unique and groundbreaking as, in….....

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