America's Anti Immigrant Orders and Its Implications Essay

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United States of America Anti-Immigrant Orders

In the recent times, the public has been regularly discussing about The United States immigration law. This law which is meant to rule over the movement of immigrants into a country that only belongs to God has been put in the public eye, as a result of the amendments which have been added to it especially after the current administration of Donald Trump was incepted. In a period of less than two years into Donald Trump’s term, immigration has been highly limited with some people being permanently banned from migrating into the country. This law has been taken as biased and unjust by analysts and other stakeholders because it is associated with religious and racial undertones.

As he strove towards eliminating terrorists from other countries in USA, the president has developed multiple executive bills on immigration. These orders inclusive of the one about border security where federal agencies have been ordered to build physical walls to lock those entering illegally through the border and to eliminate those immigrants who don’t have an authentic evidence to stay. And they do so without a court hearing. Moreover, other bills majored on terrorism and banned people from 7 islamic countries.out of the affected countries, six of them were Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran and they were banned for a minimum of 90 days and Syria was permanently banned (Felter et al).

Mr. Trump made a controversial announcement about immigrants in 2017, when he banned DACA regarding them as illegal.

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an initiative that was started by Obama to give renewable deportation deferrals for a period of two years and issue work permits to the immigrants who were not registered and under the age of sixteen years when they made their way to US and were found without criminal records. If this proposed ban is permitted, it will affect above 700,00 young people whose deportation has been protected by DACA policy. President’s trump administration has also put to a halt different relief schemes meant for immigrants from countries going through natural disasters.

The current administration has put into practice these actions because of the following latent factors: to protect job opportunities and the economy, xenophobia, and the fear of the immigrants being terrorists. From his campaign speeches, President trump always expressed his negative feelings towards the policies that favoured the US immigrants. He did not seem to concur with the policies for immigrants which were put in place before his term. Since he was elected two years ago, he has lived up to….....

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