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Zain Telecommunications Kuwait

The purpose of this group project is to provide an opportunity for students to make the application of concepts covered in this course to a real Kuwaiti firm. The firm considered in the project is Zain Telecommunications Kuwait. Zain is a top mobile telecommunications provider in the Middle East and North Africa. The company was initially established in the year 1983 in Kuwait and was known as Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC). The company made major strides by becoming the first mobile operator in the Middle East region. As the company instigated its expansion approach in 2003, Zain experienced immense growth rate in not only the Middle East, but also in Africa. This is predominantly owing to the acquirement of numerous mobile operators across the region. Four years later, Mobile Telecommunications Company underwent a rebranding to become Zain. This was purposed to better mirror the company's improving position as a prominent multi-national mobile service provider with international objectives. A year later, the company made an even major stride by becoming the fourth biggest mobile operator around the globe in terms of geographical presence, having business operations in 15 African countries and 7 in the Middle East. The project endeavors to help the students to ascertain the conflicts that come about between the shareholders and the company management. In addition, the project will encompass significant and fundamental financial ratios, which will help students to analyze the company over the past three years and analyze the manner in which each ratio has altered over this period. This will make it possible to have a better understanding of the financial performance of the company in addition to financial position of the company with respect to the industry of operation.

Company Profile

Zain Telecommunications is a leading mobile telecommunications provider not only in the Middle East region, but also in North Africa. This project considers Zain Telecommunications in Kuwait. Zain is a public company. At the present moment, the company holds the biggest market share in the telecommunications industry in the country. The Company was established on 22 June 1983. Originally, the company was established as Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC), and in 2007 underwent a rebranding to become Zain. This was purposed to better mirror the company's growing position as a prominent multi-national mobile service provider with international objectives. Zain is set in the Communications Services sector and Telcom Services industry. The shares of the company are traded on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. It was listed on 9 March 1985. The stock market symbol for the company is ZAIN. At the present moment, the shares of the company are trading at 480 Kuwaiti Dinar.

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Zain has 4,327.06 million shares outstanding with a market capitalization of $2,076.99 million Kuwaiti Dinar. The company presently employs 2,659 personnel. Its principal activities consist of the purchase, delivery, installation, management and maintenance of mobile telephone and paging systems. It also takes into account investing in financial portfolios managed by specialized companies and institutions (Boursa Kuwait, 2017).

The contact details of the company are as follows:


Shuwaikh - Airport Road - Beside United Arab Shipping Co.

P. O. Box

22244 Safat 13083 Kuwait


+965 24644444

Fax / Telefax

+965 24611111



Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer of Zain Technologies Kuwait is Mrs. Eman Al Roudhan. She was appointed on 1st December 2015. Mrs. Al Roudhan took over from Omar Al Omar who was the CEO of the company since the end of October and before that as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). One of the key attributes of the CEO is that she lays emphasis on results. She boasts of having more than two decades of experience. In 18 of these 20 years, Mrs. Al Roudhan worked in different executive management and leadership within Zain Technologies Kuwait, in addition to numerous affiliates of the organization. Immediately before taking the helm as CEO, she operated as the Chief Regulatory Officer of Zain Group (Zain, 2017). Mrs. Al Roudhan is the first female to be appointed to the role of CEO within the different business operations of Zain Group. This is indicative of the major stride that she has made in the industry. She is not part of the family.

Mrs. Al Roudhan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering attained from Kuwait University. In addition, she has taken part in programs at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) and executive programs at Harvard Business School (Zain, 2017). The remarkable career of Mrs. Al Roudhan started in 1998 within Zain Technologies Kuwait. She was part of the launching of the nation's first ever cellphone prepaid facility, which progressed to take over the nation's prepaid mobile consumer base. With the expansion of the Group company to expanses in the region, her responsibilities also progressed, actively participating in start-up teams in numerous Zain business operations in Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, as well as Saudi Arabia. In over her 20 years of operation, she has coordinated several strategic partnerships with not only global but also regional operatives (Zain, 2017).

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a fundamental role in the management of Zain and is accountable for making certain that there is the.....

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