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I have done research for school projects, using academic databases and online searches. In middle school and high school, we learned how to conduct research. Teachers taught us various tools and techniques they preferred, which helped me to develop my own style. The methods I use for research vary depending on the type of assignment. For a shorter paper, I might do the research on the fly. Longer and more investigative assignments might require more extensive research at the outset. When I need to learn about the topic first by compiling background information, I collect the information and prepare a bibliography.

Because I have done research and prepared annotated bibliographies before, I am not daunted by this assignment. One aspect that does concern me is the time it might take to do the research plus narrowing down the topic. Another concern I have is whether I will come up with a hypothesis and then realize later that the research leads me in a new direction. If that happens, I might need to rethink my approach to the topic. Generally, I like preparing annotated bibliographies because I find that they help me save time later on when I start writing. The annotated bibliographies encourage me to summarize the literature, determine the strength or credibility of the research methods, and think critically about how that research applies to my own work.

The topic I am considering for my annotated bibliography is criminal psychology.

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Criminal psychology addresses the psychological motivations for committing crime, including personality theories and theories that take into account biological, social, and environmental risk factors. Because I do not yet know what specific area to research, I will start with three general sources about criminal psychology. The following is my preliminary annotated bibliography on criminal psychology.

Annotated Bibliography

Andrews, D.A. & Bonta, J. (2010). The Psychology of Criminal Conduct. New Providence: Matthew Bender.

This is a textbook on criminal psychology, focusing on various psychological theories explaining criminal conduct. More in-depth than most textbooks, the Andrews & Bonta (2010) source does offer a selection of empirical research that increases the source’s credibility and reliability. At an early stage in my research, I will use this source to help me narrow down the specific topic areas I would like to research in the field of criminal psychology.

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