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EPR Discussion

The client has been using an ERP system to integrate financial and non-financial information for decision-making. They have been hearing about Big Data. Briefly explain the concept of Big Data, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking, the confluence of Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, and Big Data is seen as a boon and "win" for the companies that use them to help their business. Indeed, businesses that can use Big Data to manage and wield massive amounts of data in ways that are advantageous from a business and strategic standpoint will tend to do much better than those that are unwilling or unable to do so. One upside to the melding of these two concepts and technologies is that the benefits are outstanding. A downside is that not all ERP systems are accustomed and designed to properly harness and use Big Data resources. Indeed, an ERP or Big Data Application is only as smart and adept as the person designing or using the technology.

Then, focus specifically on how Big Data analytics can be used to improve decision-making.
Be sure to use examples that relate to AIS.

Two common and often-used benefits and uses for big data is inventory optimization and pricing optimization. Indeed, humans can engage in those activities but computers that are properly configured to monitor and use data can do so in a way that is much better and effective over the long-term. The main reason Big Data is the better use and application is because the data is "clean" and more timely. It is not muddled and weighed down with problems such as not being timely, being polluted by things that are not important so forth. Any student in an Associate of Information Sciences major needs to understand that Big Data is here to stay and that making effective and timely use of data and the tools that review the same is not an option anymore.


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