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Leadership style sued by Bill Gates

Having left his classroom studies at high school level, Bill Gates went on to form and lead one of the most successful computer manufacturing business of all times at the global level, the Microsoft. This would not be possible without vision, focus, passion and above all good leadership style that Gates exhibits among his employees. Bill gates has been known to display a mix of three major leadership styles, the autocratic style of leadership, participatory leadership and laissez faire leadership style.

Bill gates is known to be a leader who makes decisions on critical matters with little consultation or with very little consultation among the top leadership, the autocratic leadership style. This has been leadership style that comes out due to his character traits of being intelligent, skillful, determined and a person of high integrity. He known to be less social especially at the work environment making him less likely to consult on various issues, luckily with the personal traits above he almost never make wrong decisions.
Gates is known to be participatory in the activities of the organization, he leads by example and does not fear making his hands dirty. On the same note he is known to love the laissez faire leadership style where delegation of responsibilities and duties to various departmental heads and employees and following up on the results after that (Chris J., 2015). On the other hand, Steve Jobs, the pioneer head of Apple, one of the competitors of Microsoft had a largely charismatic leadership style which was task oriented, he allowed his teams of highly skilled engineers to make well researched decisions without his undue interference, indeed he allowed them to implement even highly unconventional ideas, which ended up setting Apple apart from the competition (Isaacson W., 2012).


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