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Black Wall Street was the name given to the affluent black community of Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Jaynes, 2011). They generated a prosperous and self-sufficient business district amidst intense racism and segregation laws. Several upper class and middle class blacks lived and worked in the area with the town generating high black economic activity (Rogers, 2010). What began as a journey to Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa as servants, led the pioneering business owners to turn inward and produce their own society where most of the capital spent went back into the community.

Such a closed community had its own economy. Black customers bought from black store owners. Black patients went to black doctors and so forth. This was because of the hatred whites felt at the time regarding blacks. Regarding the first domain and applying that lens into Black Wall Street, Fundamental Economics has 13 key concepts. Two of which can be used for the way black people prospered in Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa.

The two concepts selected from the Fundamental Economics domain are money and incentives. Money fueled the incentive to build businesses in Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa. When black customers and patients needed a place to go shop or receive medical care, they had to go somewhere. Whites, thanks to racism and segregation, kept blacks separated from their communities and businesses.
Thus, black business owners and doctors created their own supply that incentivized black customers and patients to spend their money in key areas.

The second domain, economic growth, also several key concepts. The two that best pertain to Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa and Black Wall Street are economic growth and GDP. Economic growth was evident in Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa thanks to the businesses booming from a loyal and consistent customer base. Because the black business owners supplied their customers with the items they needed, it was a closed and prosperous economy. All the money spent in that area was reinvested.

GDP refers to Gross Domestic Product and is a measure of citizens' well-being. Although this applies to the national population, it can be placed in a local population. The GDP of the people in Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa was high. Many of the people in the town were at least middle class, with a decent segment reaching upper class level. Doctors and business owners were well-off and lived comfortably amidst economic turmoil in other areas of Tulsa and in general, the United States.

The next domain to explore is microeconomics and the two key concepts compatible with the Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa example are entrepreneurs and consumers. Consumers are….....

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