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Premier Portraits: Online Branding Proposal

Premier Portraits is a luxury brand. Its customers are not interested in bargain prices but in quality and the prestige of having a custom photographic portrait of themselves or a loved one ("Different Types of Goods," 2016). Given that the target audience comprises corporate executives, sports figures, politicians, actors, and other people in the media or with significant income, price not a concern versus crafting an image of exclusivity. In the case of some media figures, the portraits may be used in marketing their own personal brand.

Product Offering

The core product should be a personalized digital photograph altered and retouched to customer specifications. For example, some of the portraits may be altered to look as if they were painted by famous artists like Rembrandt in his traditional chiaroscuro style. Other portraits may have handcrafted touches, like actual oil painting superimposed upon them. Each product should be custom, unique, and convey the purchaser's character and the particular image the customer wishes to convey.

Online Presence

Crafting an online presence can be tricky for a luxury brand, given that online marketing is almost by definition fairly democratic -- anyone can share and post on social media pages. However, by generating interest in the types of images created by the company on Instagram and other visually-generated media, celebrities may become more interested in using the portraits to craft their own brand equity.
The value of the company's online presence should thus be primarily to generate positive buzz and interest about the product, which will increase the desirability for high-end consumers.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is referred to as an "intangible asset" ("Brand Equity," 2010). The focus on a luxury niche market means that crafting brand equity means developing an image of exclusivity. The product may be out of the price range of the average consumer, but it cannot be replicated anywhere else. The brand image must convey its desirability and artistry, given that part of the appeal is that the customer, although not an artist him or herself, will be made into a work of art through the use of technology and craftsmanship.

Communication Methods

Online communication is primarily useful to create interest in the product and to generate a desire to possess this unique type of portrait. Using news sites that promote stories about the rich and famous to do profile stories about celebrities that have….....

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