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Organizational diagnosis comes in handy in the evaluation of an organization’s desired performance vis-à-vis its current performance, with an aim of formulating measures to bridge any gaps identified. The model that would, in my opinion, be best suited to an OD analysis of my selected organization is McKinsey 7S Framework. The framework, according to Partridge (1999), “was developed as a way of showing that the key elements of the organization interrelate – and that each element needs to be consistent and compatible with the strategy that is being introduced and managed” (p. 30). The seven variables include; shared values, style, staff, systems, strategy, structure, and skills (Falletta, 2005). My Fortune "Best 100" organization is Apple.

While there are many OD models that have been suggested over time, McKinsey 7S Framework appears to be the most consistent in the analysis of how well placed or situated Apple is to attain its targets and strategic aims. This is more so the case given the comprehensive nature of its outlook and the equal importance given to various key elements. While structure and strategy have in the past gained great prominence in the analysis of organizational effectiveness, this framework highlights the equal relevance of shared values, style, systems, and skills in the success equation.
It demonstrates that no element ought to be considered in isolation towards this end – with the mutual dependency, in this case, being highlighted using the interconnecting lines. In that regard, therefore, failure by Apple to achieve its objectives could be traced back to the neglect one or several elements.

In seeking to conduct an OD analysis of Apple using McKinsey 7S Framework, I will first conduct an analysis of each of the elements and identify the factors deemed critical for success. Taking into consideration each element’s critical features, it would be easy to point out where exactly Apple is performing well vis-à-vis areas in which it is performing poorly. Identifies gaps and/or inconsistencies would pave the way towards the desired organizational state, from the present state. It should, however, be noted that to successfully make use of McKinsey 7S Framework in the OD analysis of Apple, the interrelationship between the various elements ought to be well managed.

In the final analysis, McKinsey 7S Framework applied in the case of Apple would come in handy in seeking to improve the company’s….....

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