Capitalism and Economic Surplus Essay

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Economic Surplus

The general topic that will be covered in this brief essay will be economic surpluses in the capitalistic context. To be sure, the way in which the surplus and largesse of society is managed varies widely based on the form of government in question. However, capitalism has its own way of such a thing evolving and shaping. Perhaps the best example of this would be the United States and what happens with its surplus. While there is little argument that the surplus of society should be used to benefit people who cannot help themselves, there should perhaps be a proper definition and enforcement of who truly is deserving of help and who is not.


Before getting to the more personal observations about this topic that the author has, the author would first point to some facets of the two YouTube videos that were to be watched as part of this assignment. The first one is a rather dated video that was published on YouTube by Liberty Pen. The crux of that video is that capitalism is about a number of important topics. These would include the freedom to open and run a business, the freedom to set one’s own prices and the freedom of consumers to quibble or choose based on those prices.
The example given with the market and the use of the delivery service to gain/keep business is a good example. It should be noted, however, that higher prices mean more tax money for the government. Thus, this means more for the surplus that will be going towards those that are unable to work and support themselves (LibertyPen, 2011).

The other video, which is nearly three hours in length, is much more informative and eye-opening to those that might have different perceptions about society. For example, one thing the video cites is the partitioning of the “political” class (the 20 percent) and the other 80 percent that are just supposed to live their lives and not question anything. The first-hand footage of Peter Jennings and others in the newsroom and the vernacular they used was quite interesting. If one takes those two items together, one can easily get the perception that the media and the “ruling class” are in cahoots to guide and shape public opinion. One might suggest that they are doing what they are doing to work people against….....

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