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Organizational development serves as a means of virtually overhauling how a company operates in terms of improving effectiveness over all facets of business operations and at all levels in the business. The first step keeping organizational development principles in mind is setting goals. The common goals for organizational development is increased performance and productivity, enhanced employee morale and profitability. One of the first steps in producing a goal that could promote synergy is assessing Company A's paid 3-month sick leave. This kind of behavior will not bode well with Company B, especially since Company will own roughly 85% of Company B. The aim then becomes to lessen the amount of paid sick leave offered to 1.5 months or 6 weeks.

While this may upset some of the employees in Company A, it will fall in line with the attitudes and work ethic in Company B. Company B. values efficiency and has achieved cash-rich status because of the company's work policies. Ways to circumvent the resistance to such changes in Company A would be to institute 'leave banks'. Leave banks have "replaced the traditional separate programs for vacation, sick leave, and holidays. Commonly these forms of paid absence from work have been combined into a maximum number of days per year for the employee in his/her bank" (Folsom & Boulware, 2014, p. 156). People can donate their paid sick days and receive additional paid sick days depending on their circumstances.
Since Company A has family members within the company's employee population, this could work to provide some additional options.

Leave banks are just one way to manage Company A and put it more in line with the expectations and mindset of Company B. The next step aside from goal setting is employee development. Development plans happen both at the employee and executive level. In terms of executive development, goals may include improvement in decision-making, communication, as well as change management. Goals for employee development may cover a wide range of activities. But since both companies are sales and service driven, areas for improvement would fall under communication skills, technical proficiency development, creativity, and problem solving.

Company A is a third generational family business. This means several family members exist in key positions in the company. There is also a positive environment cultivated by the family-like principles applied to the management of the company. Company B. is the opposite and hires staff based on an algorithm with timed workloads. For the two companies to synergize, there must be a middle road in terms of changes applied to Company A.

Company A's employees can receive training from Company B. to improve productivity, communication, and….....

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