Use of CERNER Software in Acute Patient Settings Essay

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CERNER software is built to allow for an enterprise-wide view of a patient's clinical information in order to coordinate patient care and document at which point care was delivered especially in acute patient settings. Using the software providers will have access to the right information and at the right time within the clinical workflows in order to make the best possible decision regarding patient care (Curry, 2010). In acute patient settings, it is vital that a nurse has the right information before they start attending to a patient. This is mainly beneficial to ensure that they understand the patient's condition or problem before they can begin to offer care. Using the CERNER software, it is easy for a nurse to access this information and make informed decisions based on the information that has been entered regarding the patient’s condition. In acute care, real-time information is vital to the provision of care to the patient. Using the CERNER software, patient results, and tests can be easily shared from one department to another without the need of moving paper files, and this makes it easy to deliver patient information instantly. A nurse who begins their shift and is not aware of the patients under their care can easily use the software to gain information regarding the patient's and they can easily understand the needs of each patient.

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Recording of care that has been given to the patient also allows for proper recording and scheduling of next care (Forrest et al., 2014).

CERNER software has integrated laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy data into a single software making it easy for nurses offering acute care to patients to access the information instantly. With instant access to such information, the nurse is able to enhance patient care and improve the quality of care offered. Improving the quality of care is directly related to better patient experience and this has been a major goal of most healthcare facilities. Many researchers have pointed out that with improved patient experiences the level of recovery is also improved and there is a reduction in readmission rates. The CERNER software is able to promote effective communication amongst the healthcare professionals making it easy for them to share information regarding patients and this is beneficial to nurses as they can better understand the cases they are dealing with and how best they can handle the different patients.


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