Charter Schools Vs Public Schools Essay

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Choice of Schooling

I think it is important to have a choice of schooling especially, as Bill Moyers points out, the nation lurches towards an oligarchy in which the country’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, while decisions are shaped and made by a small handful of powerful elites. If these people control everything, their agenda will very likely inform the type of schooling that is provided to young people. If parents do not want their children to be educated according to the agenda of the oligarchy, they should have the option of providing alternative schooling, such as homeschooling, charter schools, and so on.

I would personally favor homeschooling because I like to be in control of education myself, but having time for it can be difficult if you are already working full time, so charter schools would be another option. Finding a school that is safe where the risk of school violence is minimal would be a top concern too. Today, there are far too many shootings at schools across the nation for me to feel safe about sending kids to schools for an education. This is probably one reason why so many parents want to have their kids in charter schools, as is shown on Chris Mathews’ show Hardball (“Charter School Debate Heats Up”).
As Schaefer points out in Chapter 13, schools are a way of maintaining social control, and if a parent or community is against the type of control that the government and the ruling elite want to effect, then a charter school or home school just seems like the best


I think that schools should be reformed at the local level, as this puts more power and control at the grassroots level and takes it away from the hands of the centralized planners who are far removed from the action and do not have a good assessment of what communities and families want their children to learn and what teachers at the local level have to offer. Planning a national curriculum puts a lot of pressure on local schools to perform in ways that they are not really well situated to perform. Letting the local level administrators oversee schools in their own way might make it harder on children who move from one part of the country to another, but in….....

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