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Marketing Plan: Clean Protein Bars

From boxed cake mixes to fast food, America has long been fascinated with foods that promise to provide a quicker way to eat. But there is also growing concern about the obesity epidemic, as well as a rise in fascination with alternative forms of eating (such as vegan, low-carb, and paleo dining) as well as unconventional forms of exercise. Viewed in conjunction, developing a protein bar that promises health benefits and the virtues of clean eating could be very useful. Many of these types of bars exist, of course, but this new line of protein bars would be unique because it would offer different options for people following different diets. All the bars would be made with unprocessed ingredients, but some would be vegan, others nut-free, others lactose free, and others paleo.

Primary Market for Protein Bars

Protein bars have become so common, they have penetrated into seemingly every segment of American society. Even very traditional brands such as Kellogg’s and Slim Fast market protein bars to consumers. Protein has become a trendy nutrient. However, for serious gym-goers and people who are highly health conscious, the idea of a candy bar-style bar with some additional nutrients in it is not attractive. Significant protein for athletes, hikers, and others who carefully track their macros is needed to gain the loyalty of the specialty market.

The protein bar market is currently segmented into two primary categories; that of animal and plant-based proteins (“Global Protein Bar Market,” 2018). Animal-based proteins include bars made up of jerky but also dairy-based products. Plant-based products include bars based upon various types of flours (such as nut and coconut flours), oats, and beans. Of course, many bars consist in a mixture of both and it can be a great advantage to use a plant-based base and simply add dairy components for non-vegan bars, as a source of additional protein. Also, the primary target market of serious athletes often vacillates between different types of diets, and having bars that showcase different nutritional needs ensures that there will always be a bar for the athlete within the product line. Plant-based proteins have the advantage of being lactose-free and as well as gluten-free and nut-free, more and more consumers either have intolerances or allergies or are eating as if they do. Plant-based proteins are also viewed as having additional health benefits such as improving cholesterol.

Generic Marketing Strategy: Niche Strategy

The generic strategy adopted for this product will be a niche marketing strategy in which a niche market of serious athletes with a desire to eat in a clean, healthy way will be the focus of the marketing campaign….....

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