The Communist Manifesto Summary Essay

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The Communist Manifesto

The central aspect of the Manifesto of the communist party is how to effectively handle the ever increasing rift between the contending classes, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The development of the bourgeoisie at the expense of the proletariat has highly been exacerbated by the industrialization and trade development over the years, the various revolutions in the modes of production and of exchange. The bourgeoisie has played the bigger role in the revolutions that have shaped the system to its favor, turning the physicians, the lawyers, the priest, the poet, the man of science into its paid wage laborers. Bourgeoisie has also torn away the noble family veil and has reduced family relations into mere money relations.

There is a big difference between the way the bourgeoisie view labor wage and that of the proletariat. The bourgeoisie see it as a means to increase accumulated labor, yet the proletariat sees it as a means of promoting the existence of the laborer. For bourgeoisie the past dominates the present, while in the proletariat the present dominates the past. Therefore, the key argument of communist in their manifesto is that Communism deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labor of others by means of such appropriations. It proposes a revolution of the mode of production by abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. Proposition of graduated income tax, stopping of all rights of inheritance particularly to land, all property that belong to immigrants and rebels to be confiscated. The manifesto also proposes that credit needs to be centralized in the hands of the state through establishment of a central bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
Transport and communication should also be centralized in the hands of the state. All the instruments of production and factories needs to be extended, al waste land needs to be cultivated and soil to be improved in line with the common plan. The manifesto further proposes that there needs, to be equal liability for all to work, and an establishment of the industrial and agricultural army. There also needs to be combination of the manufacturing and the agricultural industries which will ultimately lead to the abolition of the line between the rural/country and the town by distribution of the population over the country in an equitable manner. Lastly, for the advanced nations, it proposes the provision of free education for all children in the public schools and ultimate combination of education with industrial production.

Totalitarianism: The Age of Total War

This is an informative long piece pointing out at the process of war, but more significantly the effects of war on a generation. It opens up with portrayal of a generation that went through the war fields, and though not aged, had graying hair due to the lethargy or war. When the war began in 1914 between Germany and Britain, many critics of the war descried the lights going off in Europe and that prospects of them being lit again were remote, at least not in the lifetime of the affected generation. The twentieth Century was marked by wars, with the major one ending with the unconditional surrender of Japan in 1945. The commencement of the WWI in 1914 marked a great shift in the global consistency, for the first time troops from overseas were sent to go fight and work in areas not their own. Indians to Europe and the….....

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