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Conflict occurs in our everyday lives. When we go to work, school or market place there are always two people of a different opinion. Human being live in conflict since on our day to day lives we encounter experiences that do not satisfy us. Logically, there is always a concern as to whether we can live in peace given that we are so diverse. It might not be easy but we go out of our way to be good to people and avoid conflict.

The cause of a conflict is difficult to identify. There is sometimes a buildup of events that sparks up a massive one. Negativity though is the main cause of a conflict since naturally, if someone disagrees with you, you are bound to be at loggerheads. This is a natural phenomenon as earlier stated so the only way to handle is to identify sources of conflicts and manage them effectively.

In many workplaces, conflicts do occur between workers since many have different personalities, egos and ideas. This also caused by anger which is a secondary emotion with underlying fear. As a manager, it is your role to train yourself how to manage conflicts at work. They can be as little as an abusive word to stealing a parking space at work, they need to be addressed effectively to be able to solve the problem.

In the workplace where I am situated, some colleagues Peter and Paul, who come from lower and upper social classes, always disagree on who to seduce the coffee girl and this is the problem. Peter wants to take the girl to lunch but Paul doesn’t want that since he claims to have made advances first.

The girl is in a quagmire since she is the cause of the conflict. The manager has to identify this conflict to be able to set a baseline on the next step to take. This is a self-esteem and power conflict.

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Both Peter and Paul want the same woman and none is willing to come to a compromise, what will the manager do?

As a team you need a clear guideline on how to handle conflicts in a work environment since violence as a last resort always leads to people losing their jobs. This usually so since people ignore the basic principles of conflict resolution as a means to solve problems. One should not…

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…the parties involved or an external factor. There might be many sources of the conflict that drag the process thus a need to identify all the causes so that you can be able to craft a viable formula to arrive at a solution.

· Looking beyond the incident to find out whether there are external factors minor or major that might have caused the conflict. In most situations, especially families it can be a little disagreement that causes tension

· Requesting solutions where you include the parties in the solutions processing. The question of finding a viable solution is always about the two parties and in some cases they might find a solution before you move to the next step.

· Identifying solutions both parties can support. In the case of Peter and Paul a solution of no pursuing coworkers was arrived at and all of them agreed since it was an amicable decision and to get that level of understanding needs patients and maturity.

· Agreement where both parties reach a compromise. Sometimes it gets difficult when no one want to agree. Diversity in thought and ego makes it impossible to reach a compromise and this further drags….....

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