Consumer Behavior Advertising and Cultural Appeal Essay

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1. Propose a type of message appeal to be used in the advertising, making sure to explain the rationale behind the appeal

Advertising message appeals purpose to impact the manner in which consumers perceive themselves and how purchasing particular products can end up being advantageous to them. The message communicated through advertising appeals impacts the buying decisions and patterns of consumers. The type of message appeal to be used in the advertising is the masculine/feminine appeal. This appeal is deemed to be the most ideal for the reason that it seeks particularly to depict the ideal male or female to consumers who aspire to attain society’s and their individual ideal view of being a man or woman. Secondly, this appeal is particularly common when the product being sold, such as this one is purposed to either men or women. In addition, more often than not, this appeal has a tendency of being most efficacious for cosmetic, beauty, and fashion products. Therefore, in this regard, the new line of products will have the message appeal of the targeted consumers being ideal and perfect in terms of beauty and masculinity. Similarly, considering the consumer target market is individuals between 18 and 35 years old, the message appeal will be to appear as a trendy and fashionable man (Koekemoer, 2014).

2. Analyze the different cultures this product will appeal to and make recommendations on which three (3) would be the best choice

The culture of an individual plays a pivotal role in determining his or her buying patterns, values, and beliefs. In delineation, culture is mutual or collective set of beliefs and practices amongst a group of individuals in a certain place and time. Cultural factors have a major influence on a person’s purchasing decisions. Each person has dissimilar sets of behaviors, views and principles which he or she develops from his household status and upbringing. This line of product being retailed includes personal care products for men between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The three different cultures that this product will appeal to include the Chinese, African American and White American cultures.

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According to Khan et al. (2017), in the past number of years, the demand for cosmetic, beauty and personal care products amongst the Chinese has increased from 6.7 percent to 10.9 percent. This is for the reason that progressively more men from this cultural setting are espousing personal products for men in the contemporary. Secondly, White Americans are a second culture that this line of products will appeal to. This is largely for the reason that majority of men from this cultural upbringing have experienced a great deal of grooming products in their lifestyle and are therefore bound to continue embracing them and making use of them. Moreover, these group of individuals earn a greater level of income in the nation and are therefore expected to be able to afford the products. Third of all, African Americans are another culture that is expected to be significantly appealed to by the line of products. This is largely for the reason that they are drawn to grooming and personal care as part of their views and beliefs. In accordance to a survey undertaken studying the frequency of use of personal hygiene products amongst men in the United States, 98 percent of African Americans outlined that they make use of personal products on an everyday basis or several times a week (Statista, 2017).

3. Decide which microcultures and additional demographics should be targeted

Microculture alludes to the notion of a sub-culture within a culture. Notably, a culture mirrors majority of the population. However, subcultures mirror a lesser group of individuals. In this regard, microculture takes into account the smallest groups different from the extensive subcultures of race or social class and wide ranging national or international culture. One of the microcultures that ought to be targeted is the aged based microculture. This is centered on the notion that individuals that are of the same age share similar beliefs in addition to consumer preferences. This is suggested for the young people between the ages of 18 and 24 as they are more likely to make buying decisions on the basis of the remarks.....

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