Corporate Social Responsibility Its Success and Failure Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies use Corporate Social Responsibility to assess their effect on the social and environmental wellbeing and take responsibility. CSR is primarily a mechanism for self-regulation. Firms track and make sure that they comply with the law, actively, including standards of ethics, international and national norms. Occasionally, the efforts by such companies may go beyond the regulatory requirements or the groups for the protection of the environment (Belfiore, 2016).

Apple Inc. has emerged as a leading global manufacturer, marketer and designer of media accessories, communications devices, portable audio players and computers. It was established in 1977 in the state of California. It is now ranked as the largest company dealing with IT; based on revenue and the total number of assets under its ownership and control. It is also ranked second in the mobile manufacturing niche. The CSR activities at Apple are spearheaded by its Vice President in charge of environmental matters, Lisa Jackson. She reports to Tim Cook, who is the CEO. Interestingly, Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs was not given to philanthropic activities. Tim Cook, however, changed the reputation by increasing CSR efforts at Apple significantly since he took charge (Dudovskiy, 2018).

Apple launched the Apple Global Volunteer Program in 2011. It aimed and encouraging employees to volunteer in the communities where they operated. So far, $78 has been given to charity since the inception of the volunteer program. In 2015, the program was revised to give workers the leeway to choose the type of programs they would like to channel their contributions to. Under the new volunteer program of Apple, Apple provides training opportunities for employees to assist them in publicizing the volunteer activities in an effort to improve their wellbeing.

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The program is underway in the US and Australia. The company also seeks to help the employees to identify the activities that they would like to participate in (Dudovskiy, 2018).

Apple facilitates programs for the recycling of materials in over 99% of the countries in which they operate. It has also managed to divert electronic waste weighing over 508 million pounds from the landfills approach from 2008. In one of its technological inventions, the company, in 2016, launched a line robotics named Liam. The robots could open up a used iPhone in under 11 seconds and separate its high value components for recycling. Over 99% of the product packaging at Apple in 2015 was derived for paper that had been recycled or the ones acquired from forests that were managed sustainably (Dudovskiy, 2018).

In collaboration with over 160 companies for recycling, Apple managed to recover over e-waste weighing over 90 million pounds. Apple has received lots of praise from the public and other environmental stakeholders for their efforts in environmental conservation. Some of the other key initiatives that have won the company the heart of the public includes the introduction of the Word’s most efficient computer (energy wise) named Mac mini and the general decrease of the power consumption by its products by 57%. It has exceeded the Energy Star recommendations. It has consequently gone on to become the only company to have received the 100% index for….....

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