Critical Infrastructure Protection Using Computers in Modern Society Essay

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Nowadays, computers have become very ubiquitous in the American society. Computers and related technologies are used at every level of government in the United States. Computer technologies are also used by all sorts of professionals, and private citizens to access information, store information, communicate, and/ or transform acquired information. Right now, there are also computer-dependent technologies that are used to monitor and control, critical transportation systems, water treatment and distribution systems, power grids, gas distribution systems, and oil transport systems. Moreover, virtually all aircrafts are guided by GPS (Global Positioning System), and other computer-linked/ related systems. From the above-made statements, it is clear that there is a need for coordinated security systems to protect critical computer systems that are keeping the world moving. This means there is a strong need for cooperation among stakeholders for the successful protection of critical infrastructure.

According to the Department of Justice, any unpermitted intrusion into a critical national security system by an individual or a group of individuals is a crime (Sharp, 1998). It is the responsibility of all levels of governments in the United States to prevent unauthorized intrusion into critical systems. Critical infrastructure security is therefore the responsibility of all stakeholders.

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There are quite a number of prevention initiatives that have been used over the years to protect critical infrastructure. The initiatives are aimed at ensuring that relevant agencies, local and state governments, and private actors share critical information and cooperate effectively. There are three main principles that guide the prevention initiatives in the United States. They are:

(1) Engaged Partnerships: The prevention of attacks on critical infrastructure is a shared responsibility among all levels of government, security agencies, private agencies, private citizens, and global partners. Every stakeholder has to play an important role in building prevention capacity, developing prevention plans, and in preparing adequately for possible attacks on important infrastructure.

(2) Scalability, Adaptability, and Flexibility: Core prevention capabilities should be scalable, adaptable, and flexible enough to address emerging terrorist threats. This is important for the prevention capabilities to continue being relevant as threats continue evolving.

(3) Readiness to Act: This is perhaps the most important principle. Identified threats ought to be immediately neutralized in an organized and pre-planned manner by all partners involved in terrorism prevention (Homeland Security, 2016).

The evolving nature of physical and cyber threats in the US have blurred….....

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