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From comes the news story of Western Michigan University Bronson School of Nursing receiving $2 million in grant money for scholarships to students who are from different cultural backgrounds so that a more diverse culture of student nurses can be achieved (VanTimmeren, 2017). As Bryan (2014) points out, culture is very important in this day and age because it informs people’s perspectives and values about what is good and bad regarding others in society. If people have a very narrow and poorly conceived viewpoint or perspective on other cultures, there is going to be tension in the field. To discourage this tension, the Bronson School of Nursing is looking to bring a wider diversity to its student body with the aim being that the more diverse its student population is the more likely that population is to generate tolerant, accepting, respectful and understanding viewpoints of different cultures.

This news story shows that players in the field of education are taking a pro-active stance towards generating more cultural diversity so as to address real world issues that exist in the field of nursing. As more and more people of different cultures arrive to clinics and health care facilities, it is important that nurses be trained to handle and manage the diversity they encounter.
If they are too accustomed to only seeing people like themselves, they will not know what to do when someone of a different racial or ethnic background comes for care. The Bronson School of Nursing is thus helping to promote awareness of diversity by attracting diverse students to the school with scholarships based on their various cultural backgrounds. This is a good way to help open the borders that people put around themselves and introduce them to new people from various backgrounds.

From the Chicago Tribune comes to the story of a 200-person march in 25-degree temperature weather in Chicago promoting “religious and cultural freedom and tolerance” (Moca, 2017). The march was called the Community Unity Walk and included speakers who addressed the crowd at Naperville Central High School, where the march concluded. The speakers addressed issues of diversity and a panel discussion was held which included an interfaith discussion that explored the similarities among the various religions—from Judaism to Islam, Hinduism and Christianity.

While a march like this is helpful in raising awareness of diversity and how….....

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