Cultural Proficiency Receptivity Scale Essay

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In this paper, I will reflect on my responses to the Cultural Proficiency Receptivity Scale. I will tell what my responses tell you about myself and my preparedness as an aspiring school

counselor. In this paper, I will also address cultural diversity and if there is a lack of it in my school.

Cultural Proficiency Receptivity Scale

After answering the questions on my preparedness as an aspiring school counselor I feel that overall, I am prepared to respond to cultural diversity concerns and issues in my school. I am convinced that if I fail to make an effort towards ensuring that my students are educated beyond the bare minimum, I would not be fully meeting their needs. In the words of Nieri (2012), schools “shape student’s cultural trajectories” and “these trajectories are tied to youth development and achievement.” With the world of today being largely a global village, where geographical boundaries no longer keep people from interacting – the relevance of ensuring that students can relate with others who may not share their viewpoints or perceptions cannot be overstated. Cultural awareness, however, essentially originates from those charged with guiding, shaping, and facilitating student relations – effectively highlighting the need for cultural competency on my part as an aspiring counselor.

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It is my personal goal to ensure that each student does feel honored and respected. Being a minority, I have had to face the uncomfortable questions about racism, cultural preferences, and insufficient learning conditions and resources in the past. These are the very same obstacles to learning for many students. I realize that I may not be certain about how best to handle such concerns emanating from students – effectively meaning that this is an area in which I ought to improve.

I feel that if offered guidance, students have the ability to strive for better goals. The accomplishment of these goals may, however, be dependent on how they relate with their peers and the larger community. Unlike was the case a few decades ago, today’s society demands that we be even more appreciative of individual differences. It is for this reason that there is need to “provide educators with gender and sexual diversity-focused professional development” (Leonardi and Staleya, 2015). I can recall numerous instances where school counselors would encourage us during my middle school years. This helped shape my viewpoints about numerous concerns at the time. There is need to ensure that we always strive to perform to the best of our….....

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