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Cultural Intelligence

Culture is obviously an issue that pervades all aspects of life. This is and remains true even in cultures that are rather homogenous in nature like Japan. Just one of the realms of life that culture pervades is the workplace. Rose Kearney-Nunnery openly explores this from the perspective of nursing. Two of the important concepts that she covers when it comes to the same is cultural competence and cultural humility. They involve the same overall topic but they are actually quite different in terms of their definition and function. While it is possible to get too fixated and focus on what makes people different from a cultural standpoint, not focusing on such things at all is less than wise.

Cultural Concepts

The first term up for discussion is cultural competence. The author mentioned in the introduction briefly summaries the term by saying it is the competent and informed practice of catering to and recognizing differing cultures in the workplace that leads to diversity, good will and collaboration. The introduction to this report mentions Japan. That country is rather homogenous when it comes to culture and this is because the ethnicity and race in that country is rather monolithic in nature. Even so, there are still a lot of people from around the world that either travel or work there and the frameworks within society must properly react to the same. Indeed, people that travel to or work in Japan are going to get sick or injured and this means that they will obviously have interactions with Japanese nurses and other professionals.
Beyond that, there would be at least some nurses and other clinicians or healthcare workers that are not Japanese in terms of their birth and/or race. As such, these differing cultures need to be able to interact and work together in a cohesive and proper way. Knowing how best to pull this off and otherwise instill such a practice as a norm and a value within a nursing paradigm is the very epitome of cultural competence (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012).

Cultural humility, on the other hand, is related to cultural competence and is actually a necessary part of the same. However, it stands apart because it does deserve its own mention. Nationalism and any related cultural pride is commonly assailed as being evil, racist or xenophobic. There are many others that say that culture is invaluable….....

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Kearney-Nunnery, R. (2015). Advancing your career: Concepts of professional nursing (6th ed.,

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