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Concurrent with the big protest against the repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), my community held a similar rally to show support and to try to influence lawmakers and policymakers. The DACA program was a piece of human rights legislation that essentially offered amnesty to those who were minors when they entered the United States without a visa. Therefore, DACA would protect the children of illegal immigrants or a child who for whatever reason came or was brought to America. Two of the most important provisions of DACA included the deferral of deportation, and the creation of a pathway towards a legal work permit. However, the Trump administration effectively dismantled the program in late 2017. The current protests are related to the need to resolve this issue and promote compassionate immigration policy in the United States.

Observations of the Event

Participation in and observation of this rally helps reveal the important role political protest plays in a democracy. The protest was peaceful, and involved hundreds of people marching with signs and chanting slogans and catchphrases. At one point, there was a speaker who delivered a short address on a temporary stage. It was evident that this event was planned and organized, and had the full support of the city because of the way the stage had been set up and the streets blocked off. There were a few police guarding the streets.

The rally garners media attention, which promotes the issue and shows how many Americans support DACA. Politicians, lawmakers, and policy makers also have the opportunity to see how Americans are responding to the DACA issue, and may act accordingly. Unfortunately, Americans do not have any direct influence over what Congress does immediately because the people who have the power to take action on this issue do not necessarily need to be responsive to the protesters. The federal courts have since challenged the Trump administration’s authority over DACA, but no real solution has emerged yet (Wilson, 2018). The protests may serve as a way to stimulate political action on this important front. According to Yoshikawa, Suárez-Orozco & Gonzales (2016), “5.3 million children and adolescents are growing up either with unauthorized status or with at least one parent who has that status,” (p. 4). Compassionate policies like DACA can play an important role in promoting positive outcomes for young immigrants, whose….....

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