Database Professionals Employment Trends in US and Monaco Research Paper

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Current Employment Trends and Certification Options for Database Professionals. Monaco Vs US

Current Job Markets and Future Trends Analysis

The current job trends for database professionals indicate that in both countries employment is projected to grow by about 11 percent in the coming 5 years (Kline). This is faster than the average in any other occupation. The driving factor is the ever-increasing data needs of companies within the economy. Data has been seen as the next currency and every company wants to invest heavily in the management and processing of data. According to the (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), DBA professionals are ranked amongst the top 10 professions for the past several years. According to a survey carried out by (U.S. News & World Report), a majority of the current database professionals intend to retire in the next ten years since they are over 55 years. This means that there will be a need to replace these professionals and with the shortages in the industry, there is going to be better pay offers and working conditions.

The trends in Monaco are not so different than those in the US. The economy in Monaco is greatly influenced by the European Union (EU). With the dynamism of the EU economies, Monaco's unique service offerings will greatly benefit. The offering of high-class tourism means that the country is able to attract the high and might in society and there need to ensure that the information provided by these individuals is well secured. Processing of information should also be streamlined in order to eliminate any glitches. Database professionals will be charged with tuning the applications being used to boost efficiency and optimize access. This creates a unique demand for these professionals across the country. Labor statistics in Monaco have indicated that Information and communication employees have seen a 3 percent rise in 2017 and there is a projection for the number to continue growing in the coming years (Monaco Statistics).

The demand for information systems and online processing of information by companies in the country is greatly pushing for this rise. The size of Monaco might be limiting in terms of opportunities that could exist for database professionals, but its strong ties with modern technology make the country favorable for IT professionals.

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The country is also able to endure any major negative changes in the EU economy in the near future. Commerce has also played a major role in the economy of Monaco, which is directly related to IT. Commerce is heavily dependent on information systems and these systems all run databases. This directly translates to the increase in database professionals who will be managing and optimizing the systems to boost efficiency.

Cloud computing firms have been hiring database professionals in order for them to offer database-as-a-service. Having database administration being done by third parties over the Internet offers opportunities for outsourcing by major corporations (Prabhakar, Litecky and Arnett). Small and medium-sized business might not have the capability to hire their own database professional, but with outsourcing, it is possible for the business to receive the same level of services that other companies have and allow them to compete in the market. According to (Mott) this is good news for database professionals because outsourcing companies in the US and Monaco will have an increased demand for their services and demand for more database professionals.

Certification Options

It is not mandatory for a database professional to have certification from particular vendors. The main requirement is that they have completed a degree course in either an information or computer-related subject mostly computer science. However, in order for an individual to work with a particular proprietary database like Oracle then they would need to get a certification that is related to this database. This certification would be offered by Oracle. Certification requirements are necessary since there is no standardized database technology in use. Therefore, in order for one to understand how to work with a particular database, they would need to undergo some form of training. This training will allow them to familiarize themselves and master the working of the particular database. Advancement in the career….....

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