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I coordinated the project's summer field internship program for graduate students seeking to work overseas as well as helped build database of non-governmental organizations (NGO)s that worked on issues of human rights and advocacy. I have also honed my legal expertise at the Law Offices of Lewis and Associates/Lewis Settlement Group in my work on loan processing.

My experience in research and coordination with international agencies and my detailed and methodological capacity, which has been sharpened through practical experience in quantitative and qualitative fact-finding and reviewing painstaking legal documentation, makes my preparation ideal for the Fellowship.

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The background I hope to receive in strategic planning, and specifically Emergency Planning, will be of invaluable aid to the work I hope to pursue after graduation in the international development sector. Emergency Planning is an area of critical knowledge I hope to add to my resume in addressing social inequities in East Asia, and it is an area of particular concern in Asia, given the natural and industrial disasters that have afflicted the region......

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