Development and Education of Security Management Essay

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Security Management

1. While some people may be better leaders than others, all people can lead and all people can learn to lead better. Discuss some ideas of how leadership skills may be improved.

Development and education

Leaders need to develop in their position. Owing to managerial tasks’ knowledge-based nature, the word “development” has been used to describe the continuous growth in skills and cognition of executives and managers. Managerial development is promoted via education that they may acquire in various settings (Fernandez et al., 2015). Attending and taking part in programs offered by certain general management and security-related institutions may help cater to their developmental requirements.

Training and practice

A leader is required to engage in constant training and practice of leadership skills needed for improving their output, including integrity, delegation and patience, until the time they have acquired mastery over those skills.


The mentoring process entails transfer of knowledge, understanding and acumen from a judicious and reliable counselor (often an experienced individual) to another (aspiring leader) to guide the latter’s achievement (Fernandez et al., 2015). Mentoring may be provided by those in leadership roles who have experienced similar security-related challenges or peers who attempt to create a shared understanding for sound leadership based on prevalent security challenges.

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2. Workplace violence is a major concern among protection professionals in large industrial and commercial organizations. Why should this be so when the workplace – especially an office – is essentially one of the safest places for people to be?

Any gathering and interaction of humans in a given place (such as an organization) renders differences of opinion, disputes and discord unavoidable. For all security personnel, these are cause for concern, since they form triggers which lead to violence at the workplace.


Stress, from personal as well as professional sources, may lead workforce members to fall apart and have a go at those they feel are the enemy. Personnel who work too hard may contribute to an unpleasant workplace environment; if this is combined with the individual experiencing personal problems as well, the consequences may be destructive, or even fatal.


Unawareness of the likelihood of violence perpetration within a company can result in….....

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