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There are various types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, gestational, and juvenile diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body fails to produce adequate amounts of insulin. It most often is found in children and young adults which is why it is now referred to as juvenile diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells fail to respond to insulin. This subtle distinction makes a great deal of difference in terms of treating the two types of diabetes (Arcangelo & Peterson, 2006). It is also worth noting that type 2 diabetes tends to set in later in life, typically around middle age, though it can occur earlier. Moreover, 90% of all diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women who have never had diabetes but who have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Nearly one in ten women is at risk of developing gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes can return as type 2 diabetes in women later on (Laureate Education, 2012).

The result of diabetes in any case is that the body will be negatively impacted by high glucose levels (blood sugar). Insulin (a pancreatic hormone) is supposed to regulate these glucose levels by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood. It does this by assisting tissues in the absorption of that glucose, which is then used for energy. When a sugary substance is introduced into the body (for example, a milk shake, chocolate bar, or simply any kind of food), the pancreas releases insulin which acts to keep the blood’s sugar content in check.
However, when insulin is either not produced or ineffective in regulating the blood sugar levels, diabetes is the result. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can do much damage to the body’s organs and nervous system. This happens when the glucose produced by the liver as a result of consuming food is unable to be absorbed by tissues; the tissues naturally use the glucose for energy but if they cannot absorb it, they begin to break down fat and protein, which gathers along with the glucose in the blood, harming the body.

One type of drug used to treat type 2 diabetes is Humulin N, which is insulin isophane—a man made form of insulin. As insulin is responsible for lowering the sugar levels in the body’s blood, Humulin N works as an intermediate-acting insulin that can last for nearly an entire day—between 12 and 18 hours. It is used by way of injection and can be used by patients with gestational diabetes as well (Drugs, 2012).

Dietary considerations that should be made related to treatment are that the diabetes patient should try to consume foods that are low in sugar so that the body is not constantly trying to deal with increased blood sugar levels.….....

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