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drugs of varying sorts, whether legal or illegal. The studies in question are either quantitative, qualitative, or a mixture of both. Of course, quantitative refers to the use of numbers and statistics to draw conclusions. Qualitative studies make use of feelings, thoughts and summaries. Indeed, this is less academic and objective in nature but it can explain the "why" of things rather than just the "what." Of course, many other studies are a mixture of the two. This annotated bibliography has two of each of the different types listed above and these were chosen to show that the types of studies relating to drugs come in all three of the major forms.

Chandler, R. K., Finger, M. S., Farabee, D., Schwartz, R. P., Condon, T., Dunlap, L. J. & Lee, J.

(2016). The SOMATICS collaborative: Introduction to a National Institute on Drug

Abuse cooperative study of pharmacotherapy for opioid treatment in criminal justice

settings. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 48166-172. doi:10.1016/j.cct.2016.05.003

• A qualitative study that looks at drug abuse interventions that involve the criminal justice system and drug therapy from legal drugs. This study would be useful in how the criminal justice system can use legal drugs to combat the use of illegal ones. This would be a way to get people off of heroin, methamphetamine and so forth.

Chen, L., & Bonson, K. R. (2013). An Equivalence Test for the Comparison Between a Test

Drug and Placebo in Human Abuse Potential Studies. Journal of Biopharmaceutical

Statistics, 23(2), 294-306. doi:10.1080/10543406.2011.616972

• Quantitative study that looks at placebo vs. real drug cases and how often the former can pollute the perceived efficacy of the latter. This matters because there are some drugs and other treatments that are indeed "in one's head" rather than truly being effective (or as effective) as is perceived by the user even if they do not know for sure whether they are taking the real thing or a fake.

MOREAU, J. (2016).

Stuck Writing Your "Different Types of Studies Relating to Drugs" Essay?

"I Learned it by Watching YOU!" The Partnership for a Drug-Free

America and the Attack on "Responsible Use" Education in the 1980s. Journal Of Social

History, 49(3), 710. doi:10.1093/jsh/shv062

• Qualitative study that looks at how drug use starts wholly or partially due to new users seeing the use of the drug by others. In other words, it looks at environment and peer pressure as it relates to people starting to use drugs. This could be used to impress upon others that drug use is often about being exposed to it even if they are otherwise told it is wrong.

Nilsson, A., Estrada, F., & Backman, O. (2014). Offending, drug abuse and life chances -- a longitudinal study of a Stockholm birth cohort. Journal of Scandinavian Studies In

Criminology & Crime Prevention, 15(2), 128-142.

• This is a blended study over time that uses both qualitative and quantitative data. It looks at what effects and reactions that drug abuse and criminal offending have on people over time. This can be applied towards trying to reform people that are hooked on drugs and that are in danger of dying or leading lives of destitution.

Rkieh, N., Cloke, J., Gallagher, N., Winters, B., & Leri, F. (2014). Drugs of abuse as memory

modulators: a study of cocaine in rats. Psychopharmacology, 231(11), 2339-2348.

• This is a quantitative only study that looks at the effect of cocaine on rats when it comes to memory.….....

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