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The recruitment and retention of diverse candidates isn’t enough of an adequate endeavor to establish thriving diversity. There needs to be a comprehensive plan in place so that these candidates are able to flourish, progress and succeed within the highly competitive workplace of the contemporary law firm. The more festering issue is that leadership of many companies view establishing diversity as simply a thing they are obligated to do, rather than something that will offer direct benefit to their firms. A diverse workforce provides any business with a distinct advantage as each member of staff has had a unique experience in the world and a singular perspective. This paper will discuss the necessary pillars in place that will allow diversity to blossom and succeed within the workforce.

Implementing educational programs within a law firm will provide a solid backbone for diversity to build upon. Every member of the law firm needs to know what the realities of diversity mean and be empowered to take a long look at the multitude of internal biases many members of staff possess in regards to how they view diversity. Embracing diversity is not about simply opening the door to people of a different ethnicity or race. Rather, it is an intensive process where one needs to confront one’s own specific attitudes, beliefs, and potential prejudices about others. The goal of this educational process is to build appreciation among all members of staff in the firm. Much of the resistance that people have towards diversity or working with those from diverse backgrounds is founded in fear, often irrational fears of the unknown or the misunderstood. Staff members need to understand that tolerance of diversity only contributes to an imbalanced work environment.
The educational program will repeatedly explore and demonstrate how diversity is something to value, above all else.

Realistically speaking, the diversity-training program needs to have clear objectives and function by actively engaging employees in a way that organically captures their interest and attention. For example, creating a work calendar that has a diverse number of holidays on it or events that encourage new perspectives can help build empathy, understanding and compassion. Other diversity related events could be holding games and competitions about diversity topics or other events that allow team members to connect.

Above all else, employees need to understand why diversity is so priceless. A diverse workforce contains individuals who can build upon one another’s weaknesses. Effective teamwork at its core means that people with distinct styles and methods come together to meet a common goal. A just and equitable society is one that empowers an appreciation of cultural diversity and where there is a strong impetus to breed acceptance and understanding. Schools that make such efforts have students who get higher grades and have lower incidences of bullying, as students feel more accepted and part of a community. Schools are a microcosm of society, and indicate that the same will be true in the case of big corporations and companies such as law firms.

Once the groundwork within the law firm has been properly laid to embrace and elevate a diverse environment, there needs to be a targeted plan to recruit the best candidates from a range of communities, as well as to reach out to current ethnic minority….....

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