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Optimal e-CRM System for a Growing Business

Based on Our Town Photography's dual goal of tracking it clients' purchases while being able to automatically offer similar products and services that complement their purchases, the following overview and comparison of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) systems is provided, followed by a recommendation concerning the best system for the company's needs.

The advantages of an e-CRM system and why Our Town Photography would benefit from such a system

Simply stated, e-CRM systems take advantage of cloud-based technologies to offer companies an efficient means of tracking customer purchases and demographic data in ways that can facilitate marketing efforts. The definition provided by Turban (2012), "Electronic CRM (e-CRM) is the electronically delivered or managed subset of CRM. It concerns all forms of managing relationships with customers when using information technologies" (p. 37). While e-CRM is a subset of CRM, virtually all CRM systems use some type of information technologies and the terms are frequency used interchangeably (Turban, 2012).

According to Kapoulas and Ratkovic (2015), e-CRM systems provide a number of benefits for organizations of all sizes and types. In this regard, Kapoulas and Ratkovic (2015) report that, "Organizations that adopt e-CRM [can] reduce the cost of contacting customers [and] can put more resources into dealing with customer enquiries, which can lead to increased profitability" (p. 24). In addition, e-CRM systems make it possible for companies to provide faster service and response times to customer inquiries as well as making two-way interactive service relationships possible (Kapoulas & Ratkovic, 2015).
Finally, Kapoulas and Ratkovic (2015) advise that, "In addition, e-CRM, increases consumers mobility amongst products and suppliers, customer satisfaction and service, online sales, website patronage, loyalty, retention and profitability" (p. 24). Taken together, these attributes make the acquisition of an e-CRM system for Old Town Photography a timely and valuable enterprise, but it is important to understand what type of data should be included in these systems and how this data should be managed as discussed further below.

Specific data that should be stored in the e-CRM system

While it is important to include as much relevant customer data as possible in an e-CRM system, it is also important to avoid appearances of intruding on customers' privacy. Some of the more readily available data that can be stored….....

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