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The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) based out of the University of Washington (with a strong Web presence as well) is a good source of information and tools for strengthening one’s educational leadership skills. The description provided in this post about what the CEL offers is very good in terms of describing the organization’s unique approach to helping individuals obtain leadership knowledge. The Webinars area great source of info for example and give a lot of good tutorials on leadership growth, the principles of leadership, and guides for classroom observation.

The School Leadership website produced by the Wallace Foundation is also very good to know about, especially since it focuses on serving underprivileged kids by way of various programs and offerings. The Wallace Foundation is designed to promote equal opportunity for students. The Principal Pipeline is another good tool that principals can use to help them as they work towards increasing student achievement. I find all of these tools to be useful: they have the potential to really support the educational leadership process and that is what’s most important when you’re looking for resources to help you manage the leadership position that you are in.

The Principal Supervisor Institute is another one that is helpful, as its goal is to increase the accountability of administrators in the education arena.
Administrators must be held accountable, since schools and students rise and fall under their watch. By maximizing the potential of administrators and educational leaders, resources like those which the Principal Supervisor Institute offers can provide excellent support.

I find the seven sides of educational leadership to be very interesting, especially the metaphors that are used, which are: the sculptor, parent, gardener, Hill Walker, a villager, house builder, and invention. Interestingly, I feel that I identify with all seven of these. I view myself as a visionary of sorts, so something of the sculptor in terms of leadership. I also view myself as caring and affectionate so may be somewhat like the parent leader. I enjoy being creative so have something in common with the inventor metaphor for leadership. I can find aspects of myself in each of these types and I think that says some really good things about how I approach leadership but also about leadership in general. For instance, in this post you also describe the six leadership styles: visionary,….....

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