Effect That Changes in Society Has Had on the Curriculum

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Effect that changes in Society has had on the Curriculum

The issues that are faced in the society on a daily basis dictate the learning needs that should be met by the curriculum. Educational programs, therefore, have to be reviewed consistently to access if they meet the needs, obligations, and responsibilities of child learning (Barnhardt, 2018). The objective is to equip them with the knowledge necessary for subsequent classes, careers, and skills to carry them through their life experiences. Some of the indelible changes in the society that have impacted the curriculum include the increased consciousness on the human-environment relationship, increased reliance on technology and the need for awareness of national heritage. These changes have immensely impacted the society resulting incorporation into the school curriculum.

Over the last decade, there has been an immense reliance on technology with increased ownership of computing devices such as computers, cellular devices, and the internet. The increased reliance on technology had diversified the manner in which the people interact and the learning and teaching processes (Roekel, 2017). The working environment necessitates for personnel who are savvy with technology. Consequently, schools have invested in the development of infrastructure to include technology labs, professional development of administrators and teachers. The educational policy development has also established curriculum standards for the students to attain before they can graduate. The incorporation of technology laboratories in the schools has enables the students to acquire knowledge and skills they require on their day to day basis as they interact in business or social environments.

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Additionally, students are prepared basic skills necessary for the subsequent classes in secondary and college.

The significance of the necessity for awareness of the national heritage has led to the adoption of the New York social studies curriculum in the common core state standards (CCSS). The common core standards provide the learning objectives for students in the entire state ("New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework EngageNY", 2017). The standards are crafted to be relevant to the real world scenarios and equip students with knowledge and skills necessary for them to succeed in their career pursuits. The new social studies curriculum not only prepares the students for their careers but also prepares them with the knowledge that will be necessary for their civic lives. The curriculum content integrates history, geography, civics, economics, government, and citizenship. As the teachers execute the curriculum they are required to incorporate implicit knowledge to help the students reading, discussion, and writing based on evidence from the suggested texts.

The change in the curriculum aims to help the students as they develop with identity as they garner knowledge on their culture, people, places, and environments. The needs for conscious on one's heritage is meet effectively in the….....

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