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.....leader in an organization is affected by various factors including organizational structure, culture, and values. While organizational leaders need to possess professional/technical skills, they also need to develop social skills in order to enhance their effectiveness in their respective positions. The list of sociopolitical skills categories suitably reflects the required skills that help to promote the success of an organizational leader in his/her new role or position. The suitability of this list is attributable to the fact that they help promote the leader's smooth transition to the new role or position. Without these skill categories, a leader is more likely to experience challenges with regards to effectiveness in their new roles and responsibilities in the organization. According to Pagon, Banutai & Bizjak (2008), leaders require several competencies in order to be effective in their roles and positions including interpersonal skills, communication, technical skills, and people skills among others. These skill categories cover what is necessary to promote a leader's success in a new role/position because they cover various leadership competencies.

The additional skill categories I would add to these categories is conflict resolution or problem solving skills. According to Rounds (n.d.), the professional expertise and social skills of leaders should include problem solving skills and conflict resolution/negotiation skills. Problem solving and conflict negotiation/resolution skills are crucial in the organizational setting because problems or conflicts are inevitable in the working environment.

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These skills will help enhance the capabilities and competencies of leaders to ensure team building and create a suitable environment for all subordinates or employees. Through these skills, the leader will become effective in his/her new role or position because of improved capabilities to identify and resolve any arising issues in the organization.

Week 8 Discussion

A new leadership role or position is characterized by new demands and pressures in order for the leader to be effective and become successful. The complexities or difficulties associated with functioning in a new leadership role or position is attributable to several factors including organizational values, culture and structure as well as the nature of a working environment. Therefore, new leaders face the need to ensure that they utilize suitable approaches and initiatives that would promote their success and effectiveness in the new roles/positions. One of the most important aspect to the enduring success in the job are the early initiatives in a new leadership role/position. Early efforts are important because they establish the foundational practices that ultimately influence the leader's enduring success in the job. Watkins (2009) contends that the actions undertaken by leaders in a new role within the first few months have a major impact on the ultimate success or….....

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